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Bi-2212 filament structure

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The ASC staff includes scientists, engineers and technicians at the top of their fields.

ASC scientist Dmytro Abraimov.

The Platypus Project

A high-field and high-homogeneity demonstration magnet using Bi-2212 round wire

The Platypus Project design


Comparisons of critical and engineering current densities for superconductors available at long lengths.


Low-temperature Superconductivty

Learn more about our research in this exciting area.

CERN Nb-Ti Reference Strand for the LHC Project

Our Grad Students & Postdocs

ASC is a great place for young scientists to launch their careers.

Maxime Matras, Chris Segal, Charlie Sanabria

The ASC advances the science and technology of superconductivity and particularly superconductivity applications. We do this by investigating low temperature and high temperature materials through our research grants and through our collaborations with other universities, national laboratories and industry. We continually educate post-graduate, graduate and undergraduate students by our research and public service.


Engineering Critical Current Density vs. Applied Field
Engineering Critical Current Density vs. Applied Field

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Featured Publications

Absence of Weak-Links in Bi-2212 Round Wire

Y. Oz, et al., Phys. Rev. Materials, 5(7), 074803 (2021) See Science Highlight or Read online …

Advanced Microscopy for Better Nanostructural Insights in Bi-2212 Round Wires

T.A. Oloye, et al., Supercond. Sci. Technol., 34035018 (2021) See Science Highlight or Read online …

Tracking the Potential for Damage in Nb3Sn Superconducting Coils from the Hardness of Surrounding Copper

S. Balachandran, et al., Superconductor Science and Technology, 34, 025001 (2021)See Science Highlight or Read online …

Changes proposed to heat-treatment of Large Hadron Collider Nb3Sn magnets for optimal results

N. Cheggour, et al., Scientific Reports, 9 (2019) 5466 See Science Highlight or Read online …

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