Visit the Lab

MagLab headquarters in Tallahassee, Florida. MagLab headquarters in Tallahassee, Florida.

Use these links for more information on visiting the lab.

Public Tours

Tours are available of MagLab headquarters in Tallahassee and of our facilities in Gainesville, Florida. They are free and open to the general public.

Travel Information

Information on traveling to our Tallahassee, Gainesville and Los Alamos locations.

Open House

This free annual event features hands-on demonstrations, games and the chance to chat with our scientists.

For Scientists

Information for scientists interested in using our magnets.

Visa Information

For international visitors.

Virtual Tour

Can't visit the lab in person? Our virtual tour is the next best thing.

Listen to the Lab

Want to hear all about science at the MagLab? Lend us an ear.

Sonic Science

To do science, you gotta make some noise — and we make plenty of it at the MagLab. This interactive game introduces you to sounds across our facility, providing a sonic overview to all the work we do here.

Last modified on 23 July 2020