User Training Videos

This collection of training videos for MagLab users covers everything from noise suppression to visible optics.

Recorded in 2016 at our annual User Summer School, these videos feature MagLab experts providing in-depth information on measurement techniques and other topics. View the videos below or on the YouTube playlist.

  • Principles & Operation of the Lock-In Amplifier

    Speaker: Matt Kowitt

    Length: 1:02:43 pdfView PDF

  • Fundamentals of ICR

    Speaker: Ryan Rodgers

    Length: 56:34 pdfView PDF

  • The Physics of Noise and Musings of Experimental Errors

    Speaker: Matt Kowitt

    Length: 1:02:58 pdfView PDF

  • Noise Suppression at the MagLab

    Speaker: Jan Jaroszynski

    Length: 53:51 pdfView PDF

  • User Cryogenics at the MagLab DC Field Facility

    Speaker: Tim Murphy

    Length: 57:29 pdfView PDF

  • Electron Magnetic Resonance at the MagLab

    Speaker: Steve Hill

    Length: 50:01 pdfView PDF

  • Complex Mixture Analysis and Environmental Petroleomics

    Speaker: Amy McKenna

    Length: 57:35 pdfView PDF

  • Optical Spectroscopy of Condensed Matter

    Speaker: Dmitry Smirnov

    Length: 48:11 pdfView PDF

  • Measuring Fermi Surfaces in Extreme Magnetic Fields

    Speaker: David Graf

    Length: 58:36 pdfView PDF

  • Measuring Resistivity and Hall Resistance in DC Magnetic Fields

    Speaker: Eric Palm

    Length: 59:37 pdfView PDF

  • Working in Visible Optics at the MagLab

    Speaker: Stephen McGill

    Length: 43:06 pdfView PDF

  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Condensed Matter

    Speaker: Arneil Reyes

    Length: 1:01:30 pdfView PDF

  • Heat Capacity Measurements

    Speaker: Scott Hannahs

    Length: 57:29 pdfView PDF

  • Data Acquisition

    Speaker: William Coniglio

    Length: 46:40 pdfView PDF

  • Experiments at Ultra-Low Temperatures

    Speaker: Neil Sullivan

    Length: 55:05

  • Q&A with Scientists

    Speakers: MagLab scientists and staff

    Length: 43:52

Videos by Stephen Bilenky.

Last modified on 14 December 2016