24 February 2015

Cory Dean wins Lee Osheroff Richardson Prize

MagLab user Cory Dean of Columbia University has been awarded the 2015 Lee Osheroff Richardson Science Prize for North America.

cory dean smallCory Dean.

The award recognizes Dean for his definitive measurement of the Hofstadter butterfly. Douglas Hofstadter first predicted in 1976 that a butterfly-shaped fractal energy spectrum emerges when 2D electrons are subjected simultaneously to both a spatially periodic electric potential and a transverse magnetic field. By combining novel techniques in nanoscale fabrication of graphene-based devices with ultra high magnetic fields, Dean's research provides the first experimental verification of this nearly 40-year-old problem.

Previous winners of the prize include several MagLab-affiliated scientists, including staff scientists Chiara Tarantini and Vivien Zapf and three physicists who regularly rely on MagLab facilities for their research: Lu Li of the University of Michigan, Ken Burch of Boston College and Suchitra Sebastian of the University of Cambridge.

For more info, visit Oxford Instruments.

Last modified on 24 February 2015