21 February 2017

Cornell's Ramshaw awarded Lee Oscheroff Richardson Science Prize

Oxford Instruments has named Brad Ramshaw, an assistant professor of physics at Cornell University, winner of the 2017 Lee Oscheroff Richardson Science Prize. The prize recognizes the novel work of young scientists in the fields of low temperatures and/or high magnetic fields in the Americas.

In its press release, Oxford Instruments, which administers the award, cited Ramshaw, a MagLab user and former staff scientist, as one of the most gifted young experimentalists working in the field of strongly correlated electron systems. Ramshaw’s technical contributions to condensed matter physics have focused on improving measurement techniques for pulsed magnetic fields up to 100 teslas (available at the MagLab’s Pulsed Field Facility) and on improving resonant ultrasound spectroscopy for low-temperature applications. Read press release.

Last modified on 9 March 2017