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13 December 2013

Christopher Reddy receives 2014 C.C. Patterson Award

Chris Reddy.Chris ReddyChristopher Reddy, a frequent MagLab user in the Ion Cyclotron Resonance facility, received the 2014 C.C. Patterson Award for his analytical and scientific contributions to organic geochemistry. “Collaborating with the MagLab has played a key role in how I understand the behavior of oil in the environment,” said Reddy, a senior scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. “They have so much to offer — including advanced techniques with instruments that are nearly one-of-a-kind — and it’s exciting to watch them continue to expand the field.” Reddy has co-authored more than eight publications with MagLab staff, ranging from oil spill source identification to downhole characterization of petroleum reservoirs, and is conducting research at the lab on Deepwater Horizon oil spill and natural oil seeps along the coast of California. Read more.

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