25 February 2019

MagLab research at 2019 March Meeting

This year's APS March Meeting will be held in Boston March 4-8, 2019. This meeting is a veritable science smorgasbord, which brings together 11,000 scientists and students from all over the world and includes about 900 contributed sessions with about 120 invited sessions. With such a robust scientific program, don’t miss to search the database of APS talks involving MagLab Users.

Green text - Oral Talk

Red text - Invited/Prize/Award

Purple text - Poster

* Invited Speaker

DC Field A07.00010 Stanley, Lily Magnetotransport in H || c of La1.875Ba0.125CuO4 near the charge order (CO) transition Dept. of Phys., Natl. High Magnetic Field Lab.
DC Field A08.00004 Bretz-Sullivan, Terence Gate voltage tunable superconductivity in low-carrier-density SrTiO3 Argonne National Laboratory
DC Field, Pulsed Field A10.00010 Agosta, Charles The FFLO State in Unconventional Superconductors Clark University
DC Field A15.00004 Liu, Erfu Direct observation and gate manipulation of dark trions in monolayer WSe2 University of California, Riverside
DC Field A15.00005 Lui, Chun Hung Observation of trion Rydberg states in monolayer MoSe2 University of California, Riverside
EMR A15.00007 Pistunova, Kateryna Transport and photoluminescent characterization of high-quality single layer WSe2 devices Harvard University
DC Field, EMR A15.00009 Li, Zhipeng Revealing the Unusual Excitonic Complexes in BN Encapsulated Monolayer WSe2 Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
DC Field, EMR A15.00015 Lu, Zhengguang Magneto-spectroscopy probe of exciton-electron interactions in monolayer MoSe2 National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
EMR A35.00006 Ramanathan, Chandrasekhar Suppressing spectral diffusion in phosphorus-doped silicon via optical excitation in high magnetic fields Physics and Astronomy, Dartmouth College
DC Field, Pulsed Field A38.00001 Hughey, Kendall Structure-property relations in multiferroic [CH3)2NH2]M(HCOO)3 (M=Mn,Co,Ni) University of Tennessee
DC Field, Pulsed Field A38.00008 Clune, Amanda Magnetic field-temperature phase diagram of the molecule-based multiferroic (NH4)2FeCl5H2O University of Tennessee
Pulsed Field A39.00013 Kong, Tai Looking for new layered ferromagnetic semiconductor Chemistry, Princeton University
EMR A41.00011 Vaidya, Priyanka Electrical Signal Generation at Magnetic Resonance in Insulating Antiferromagnets University of Central Florida
DC Field A43.00002 Yankowitz, Matthew* Tuning flat bands in twisted bilayer graphene with pressure Columbia University
DC Field B06.00001 Terzic, Jasminka Magnetic-field-tuned superconducting quantum phase transition in highly overdoped Bi2+xSr2-xCuO6+δ Department of Physics and National High Magnetic Field Lab, Florida State University
DC Field, Pulsed Field B06.00006 Sarkar, Tarapada Correlation between scale-invariant normal state resistivity and superconductivity in an electron-doped cuprate University of Maryland, College Park
High B/T B07.00004 Curro, Nicholas NMR Studies of Nematicity in TmVO4 and TmAsO4 University of California, Davis
DC Field B07.00007 Rosenberg, Elliott Investigating 4f ferrroquadrupolar phase transitions: local moment realizations of nematicity Stanford University
DC Field B10.00002 Malinowski, Paul Suppression of TC in an underdoped iron-based superconductor through uniaxial strain University of Washington
DC Field, Pulsed Field B10.00003 Straquadine, Joshua Elastoresistivity measurements in a 65 T pulsed magnet on Fe-based superconductors Stanford University
Pulsed Field B10.00009 Maksimovic, Nikola Effect of disorder on strange metal transport in a high-temperature superconductor University of California, Berkeley
Pulsed Field B15.00004 Urbaszek, Bernhard Interlayer excitons in bilayer MoS2 with strong oscillator strength up to room temperature CNRS/INSA
DC Field B15.00010 Hone, James* Quantum Transport in Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Monolayers and Twisted Bilayers Columbia University
DC Field, Pulsed Field B17.00006 Balakirev, Fedor High Field Magnetotransport in Superconducting Hydrides under Pressure National High Magnetic Field Lab, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos
EMR, Pulsed Field B38.00003 Manson, Jamie Low-dimensional quantum magnets supported by non-covalent interactions Chemistry, Eastern Washington University
Pulsed Field B38.00004 Khan, Mojammel Alam Magnetism in a novel quasi-2D honeycomb lattice S=3 antiferromagnet. Argonne National Laboratory
DC Field B39.00008 Stephen, Gregory Two-band magnetoresistance in spin-filter CrVTiAl Northeastern University
DC Field B40.00004 Liu, Changjiang Observation of non-Fermi liquid behaviors on high-mobility LaNiO3 Argonne National Laboratory
Pulsed Field C01.00013 Jo, Na Hyun Large magneto-elastoresistance in WTe2 Department of physics and astronomy, Iowa State University/Ames Laboratory
DC Field, Pulsed Field C04.00007 Zhu, Yanglin Multiple topologically non-trivial bands in non-centrosymmetric YSn2 Tulane University
DC Field, Pulsed Field C07.00002 Helm, Toni The high-field/high-pressure relationship of magnetic order and nematicity in the heavy fermion superconductor CeRhIn5 High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Helmholtz Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf
Pulsed Field C07.00007 Ronning, Filip Magnetism and Electronic Correlations in Quasi-1D Kondo Lattices Los Alamos National Laboratory
Pulsed Field C07.00014 Ho, Pei-Chun Investigation of Broken Time Reversal Symmetry in the Pr-rich side of Pr1-xNdxOs4Sb12 Physics, California State University, Fresno
DC Field C08.00001 Tranquada, John Field-induced transitions from superconductors to Bose metal in La1.875Ba0.125CuO4 Brookhaven National Laboratory
EMR C14.00003 Li, Jing Strongly enhanced Andreev reflection in ultra-transparent NbSe2/ bilayer graphene junctions National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Los Alamos National Lab
DC Field C33.00004 Burch, Ashlyn Excitation Dynamics of MoS2 Using Optical Pump-THz Probe Magneto-spectroscopy Physics, University of Alabama at Birmingham
EMR, Pulsed Field C38.00004 Goddard, Paul* Spin-1/2 antiferromagnetic chiral chains: the sine-Gordon model and beyond. Department of Physics, University of Warwick
DC Field C46.00001 Jin, Rongying* Electrical and Magnetic Properties of PdSb2 and PtBi2 with Multiple Band Degeneracy Louisiana State University
High B/T C67.00010 Trejo, Orlando Using the "EasySpin" toolbox in MATLAB to model the magnetism of clusters and chains Dept. of Physics and NHMFL, University of Florida
DC Field E02.00007 Magill, Brenden Coherent Phonons and Magnons in Hetero-Epitaxial BTO-BFO Films and Nano-rods Virginia Tech
DC Field, Pulsed Field E03.00014 Ye, Linda de Haas-van Alphen effect of correlated Dirac states in kagome metal Fe3Sn2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Pulsed Field E08.00001 Welp, Ulrich Nanocalorimetric Evidence for Nematic Superconductivity in Sr0.1Bi2Se3 Materials Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory
DC Field E08.00014 Sumption, Mike Increase in Birr and reduction of anisotropy of MgB2 with Dy2O3/C co-doping Ohio State University
DC Field E09.00006 Neu, Jennifer Palladium Dependent Superconductivity in the Nb2PdxSe5 System National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
DC Field E15.00005 Jiang, Shengwei Electrical control of magnetism in 2D CrI3 Cornell University
EMR E31.00001 Christou, George* The power of molecular chemistry in nanoscale materials research: from quantum physics properties to water oxidation catalysis Department of Chemistry, University of Florida
DC Field, Pulsed Field F01.00012 Xiang, Ziji Pulsed field studies of Kondo insulator YbB12 University of Michigan
Pulsed Field F04.00001 Ghimire, Nirmal Shubnikov-de Haas oscillations of topological metal Pd3Pb Department of Physics and Astronomy, George Mason University
DC Field F04.00002 Siddiquee, K A M Hasan Quantum oscillations in topological semimetal candidate CaSn3 University of Central Florida
Pulsed Field F04.00012 Day, James Microwave electrodynamics of WP2 Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute
DC Field F05.00004 Zheng, WenKai Approaching the type 2 Dirac point in Co-doped PdTe2 National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
Pulsed Field F05.00009 Ran, Sheng Spontaneously polarized half-gapped superconductivity in UTe2 University of Maryland, College Park & NIST
Pulsed Field F12.00001 Zhang, Yuanbo* Electronic properties of correlated two-dimensional materials Dept. of Physics, Fudan University
DC Field, EMR F14.00007 Jiang, Yuxuan Probing symmetry breaking in multilayer epitaxial graphene by circularly polarized magneto-infrared spectrscopy National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
Pulsed Field F15.00011 Stier, Andreas Optical spectroscopy of excited Rydberg excitons to 65 tesla in monolayer semiconductors Los Alamos National Laboratory
NMR F34.00004 Pasquali, Matteo* A better future for fossil hydrocarbons and carbon nanomaterials Rice University
High B/T F37.00001 Ciomaga Hatnean, Monica* Search for quantum phases in the rare earth zirconate and hafnate pyrochlore frustrated magnets Department of Physics, The University of Warwick
DC Field, EMR F38.00009 Marbey, Jonathan Combined THz and Pulsed EPR studies on a Yb(III) Single Ion Magnet Florida State University
NMR G70.00132 Hunagund, Shivakumar A preliminary investigation of large shift in transition temperature (Tc) in Gd5Si3 nanoparticles Virginia Commonwealth University
DC Field, EMR, Pulsed Field H04.00004 Balicas, Luis* Fermi Surfaces and Topological Character of Dirac and Weyl Type-II Semimetals as Revealed by the de Haas-van Alphen Effect National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
Pulsed Field H04.00011 Liu, I-LIn Electronic structure of the candidate Weyl phase in MoTe2 University of Maryland, College Park
DC Field H08.00004 Baity, Paul Ground states of striped cuprates at high magnetic fields (H) Dept. of Phys. & Natl. High Magnetic Field Lab., Florida State Univ.
Pulsed Field H10.00004 Jackson, Daniel Phase diagram of compressed RbEuFe4As4 and CsEuFe4As4: Coexistence of superconductivity and magnetism Pulsed Field Facility, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Los Alamos National Lab
Pulsed Field H10.00011 Yuan, Huiqiu Nodeless superconductivity with broken time reversal symmetry Center for Correlated Matter/ Department of Physics, Zhejiang University
DC Field H14.00004 Engelke, Rebecca Magnetotransport in graphene 30-degree quasicrystal Harvard University
DC Field H14.00009 Werkmeister, Thomas Graphene Quantum Point Contact for Quantum Hall Interferometry Applied Physics, Harvard University
DC Field, EMR H15.00007 Wang, Tianmeng Photocurrent Measurement of Monolayer Transition Metal Dichalcogenides Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Pulsed Field H15.00008 Marie, Xavier Exciton Up-conversion in Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Monolayers INSA/CNRS
DC Field H15.00012 Yan, Jun Intrinsic multi-particle bound-state luminescence emission from high-quality monolayer tungsten diselenide Physics, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
NMR H16.00012 Harada, Jaye Discovery of Novel Layered Heteroanionic Materials from Pauling’s Rules Northwestern University
Pulsed Field H33.00001 Chen, Lu Enhancement of Thermal Conductivity Across the Metal-Insulator Transition in Vanadium Dioxide Department of Physics, University of Michigan
DC Field H37.00009 Xin, Yizhou Antiferromagnetic Stripe Order in NaFe1-xCuxAs Single Crystals Northwestern University
EMR H38.00008 Lee, Inhee Origin of magneto-crystalline anisotropy underlying 2D ferromagnetism in CrI3 single crystals from ferromagnetic resonance Ohio State University
DC Field, EMR, Pulsed Field H47.00010 Baumbach, Ryan Inventing the Future: How to Make Stuff that Can Change the World National High Magnetic Field Laboratory - Florida State University
DC Field K03.00005 Chong, Su Kong Landau levels of topological surface states probed by quantum capacitance Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Utah
DC Field K04.00001 Li, Qiang Transport Properties in Dirac semimetal ZrTe5 Brookhaven National Laboratory
Pulsed Field K04.00004 Wang, Wudi Supercurrent oscillations in Weyl Semimetal MoTe2 Princeton University
DC Field K04.00009 Schoenemann, Rico Fermi surface study of the Weyl type-II semimetal candidate NbIrTe4 National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
DC Field, Pulsed Field K04.00013 Ramshaw, Brad* Quantum limit properties of Weyl semimetals Cornell University
Pulsed Field K06.00006 Breindel, Alexander Temperature T vs Os concentration x phase diagram for URu2-xOsxSi2 single crystals University of California, San Diego
DC Field, EMR, Pulsed Field, K06.00010 Baumbach, Ryan Complex order above the Kondo Coherence temperature in UPt2Si2 and UCr2Si2 National High Magnetic Field Laboratory and Florida State University
DC Field, EMR, Pulsed Field K06.00011 Lai, You Possible structural quantum phase transition in UCr2-xRuxSi2 National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
Pulsed Field, K12.00005 Devarakonda, Aravind Synthesis and characterization of transition metal chalcogenide superlattice compounds Department of Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
DC Field K14.00003 Zibrov, Alexander Direct chemical potential measurements of fractional quantum Hall states in bilayer graphene University of California, Santa Barbara
DC Field, Pulsed Field K14.00004 Che, Shi Large tunable intrinsic gap in rhombohedral-stacked tetralayer graphene at half filling Department of Physics, The Ohio State University
DC Field, Pulsed Field K14.00011 Zeng, Yihang Probing exciton condensates in double layer graphene using the corbino geometry Columbia University
DC Field K17.00001 Deemyad, Shanti* Physics of Ultra-light Materials Under Pressure: Quantum and isotope effects in lithium metal University of Utah
DC Field, Pulsed Field K17.00006 Grockowiak, Audrey High pressure, high magnetic fields fermiology studies of YBCO. Florida State University
NMR K36.00005 Alamo, Rufina* Crystallization of Precision Polyethylenes Florida State University
DC Field K37.00003 Steinhardt, William Investigating the Dynamic Magnetic Properties of Triangular Antiferromagnet YbZnGaO4 Duke University
DC Field, EMR K37.00008 Zvyagin, Sergei Pressure-tuning of the quantum spin Hamiltonian of a triangular lattice antiferromagnet Dresden High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf
Pulsed Field K38.00004 Goryca, Mateusz* Thermodynamic "valley noise" in monolayer semiconductors: access to intrinsic valley relaxation timescales Los Alamos National Laboratory
DC Field, Pulsed Field K44.00001 Li, Lu* Quantum Oscillations in Kondo Insulators University of Michigan
DC Field, Pulsed Field K44.00002 Sebastian, Suchitra* Fermi surfaces in Kondo insulators University of Cambridge
Pulsed Field K46.00010 Veit, Michael Measurement of Helical Edge States in Ultra-thin LaTiO3/SrTiO3 Heterostructures Stanford University
DC Field, EMR L02.00001 Jiang, Zhigang* Magneto-infrared Spectroscopy of Topological Materials Georgia Institute of Technology
DC Field, Pulsed Field L02.00002 Hu, Jin Quantum oscillation evidence of topological semimetal phase in ZrSnTe University of Arkansas
Pulsed Field L02.00004 Shirer, Kent Measurements of out-of-plane magnetoresistance in ZrSiS, ZrSiSe, and HfSiS microstructures Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids
DC Field, Pulsed Field L02.00011 Wei, Kaya Fermi Surfaces of Flat-Band Intermetallic APd3 (A = Pb, Sn) National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
DC Field L03.00014 Dordevic, Sasa Cyclotron antiresonance in the topological insulator Bi2Te3 studied in Voigt geometry The University of Akron
DC Field L15.00013 Niu, Chang Quantum Transport in N-doped 2D Tellurene Purdue University
EMR L35.00005 Morley, Gavin Nitrogen vacancy (NV) centres in diamond for fun and profit University of Warwick
Pulsed Field L37.00004 Tsirlin, Alexander* Kitaev iridates in 3D: magnetic and structural instabilities University of Augsburg
DC Field, Pulsed Field L38.00003 Sun, Dan High pressure and high magnetic field tuning of the S = 1 quantum antiferromagnet system Los Alamos National Laboratory
UF Physics L38.00004 Meisel, Mark Pressure-Tuning through the D/J ≈ 1 Quantum Critical Point in an S = 1 Antiferromagnetic Chain Dept. of Physics and NHMFL, University of Florida
Pulsed Field L38.00006 Williams, Robert The Magnetocaloric Effect in Exotic Spin Chain Compounds Physics, University of Warwick
DC Field, Pulsed Field L40.00002 Kim, Jae Wook Topological structural defects and exotic magnetic behaviors in hexagonal TbInO3 and GdInO3 Rutgers University, New Brunswick
High B/T L43.00004 Smet, Jurgen* Even denominator fractional quantum Hall physics in higher order Landau levels of graphene Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research
EMR P00.00002 Kim, Philip* Stacking atomic layers one by one: quest for new materials and physics Harvard University
DC Field P03.00001 Park, Wan Kyu Interaction of the Topological Surface States with Spin Excitons in SmB6 – Dependency on the Crystallinity National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Florida State University
DC Field P04.00009 Xiu, Faxian* Chiral Landau levels in Weyl semimetal NbAs with multiple topological carriers Fudan University
NMR P06.00001 Badger, Jackson Magnetic Ordering Competition Leading to Disorder Betweeen CeIn3 and NdIn3 Department of Chemistry, University of California, Davis
Pulsed Field P07.00003 Park, Joonbum Effect of reduced sample dimensions on the insulating state of SmB6 Los Alamos National Laboratory
DC Field, Pulsed Field P07.00014 Bauer, Eric Exploration of large anomalous Hall effect and topological Berry curvature in strongly correlated d- and f-electron magnets Los Alamos National Laboratory
DC Field, Pulsed Field P08.00001 Chan, Mun Fermi-surface morphology and signatures of quantum critical points in the high-Tc cuprate HgBa2CuO4+δ revealed by high-magnetic fields Los Alamos National Laboratory
DC Field P08.00002 Fang, Yawen Probing the Fermi surface of Nd-LSCO with angle-dependent magnetoresistance measurements Physics, Cornell University
Pulsed Field P08.00012 Schreiber, Katherine Angular Magnetoresistance Measurements as a Probe of the Fermi Surface in Hg1201 Los Alamos National Laboratory
DC Field R01.00014 Deng, Hao Probing the Melting of Two-dimensional Quantum Wigner Crystal via its Screening Efficiency Princeton University
DC Field, Pulsed Field R14.00004 Chen, Shaowen Correlated Insulating and Superconducting Phases in Twisted Bilayer Graphene Columbia University
DC Field R14.00009 Liu, Xiaomeng Tunable spin-polarized Mott insulator in twisted bilayer-bilayer graphene Harvard University
DC Field R37.00005 Barry, Kevin Capacitive Torque Magnetometry: Study of field-induced magnetic transitions and transient states in the Spin-Ice Material Ho2Ti2O7 Physics, Florida State University; NHMFL, Tallahassee, FL, United States
DC Field, EMR R40.00011 Beekman, Christianne Magnetic phase transitions in thin films of the near-itinerant spinel CoV2O4 Physics and National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Florida State University
Pulsed Field R44.00003 Guo, Chunyu* Evidence for Weyl fermions in a heavy fermion semimetal YbPtBi Zhejiang University
DC Field S01.00004 Hao, Zeyu Interlayer fractional quantum Hall effect in a coupled graphene double-layer Harvard University
DC Field, Pulsed Field S04.00007 Wartenbe, Mark Plutonium in high magnetic fields. MST-16, Los Alamos National Laboratory
EMR S12.00009 Takai, Kazuyuki Effect of High gate-voltage application on the molecular adsorption on Graphene Hosei University
High B/T S16.00001 Gao, Xuan* Electron transport in III-VI and IV-VI mono-chalcogenide nanostructures Case Western Reserve University
EMR S36.00003 Zadrozny, Joseph* Multifrequency and Chemical Tuning Studies of V(IV) Quantum Spins Chemistry, Colorado State Univ
DC Field, Pulsed Field S38.00008 Weickert, Dagmar Magnetic superstructures inside the ⅓ and ½ magnetization plateaux in Ba2CoTeO6 revealed by magnetostriction and magnetocaloric effect measurements National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Florida State University
EMR S43.00002 Drichko, Natalia* Signatures of quantum dipole liquid in an organic Mott insulator κ-(BEDT-TTF)Hg(SCN)2Br Johns Hopkins University
DC Field, Pulsed Field S44.00004 Modic, Kimberly* The scale-invariant magnetic anisotropy of RuCl3 Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids
Pulsed Field S46.00009 Suzuki, Yuri* Emergent Phenomena at Mott Insulator/ Band Insulator Interfaces Stanford University
DC Field V02.00001 Garg, Uma Pressure Induced Fermi Surface in Sb2Se3 Department of Physics, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
DC Field V02.00003 Chapai, Ramakanta Observation of Quantum Oscillations in PdTe2 Single Crystals Louisiana State University
Pulsed Field V03.00008 Tinsman, Colin Thermal Transport Study of the Dimerized Quantum Magnet Strontium Copper Borate Physics, University of Michigan
High B/T V06.00003 Woods, Andrew The Use of 3He in Obtaining Ultra-Low Temperatures at the NHMFL High B/T Facility Department of Physics and NHMFL, University of Florida
High B/T V06.00004 Hallock, Robert Mass Flux Measurements in Solid 4He. University of Massachusetts Amherst
High B/T V06.00005 Adams, Johnny Dynamics of 1D 3He adsorbed in 4He plated MCM-41: NMR Studies Department of Physics and NHMFL, University of Florida
DC Field V14.00007 Spanton, Eric* Fractional Chern insulators in graphene heterostructures University of California, Santa Barbara
DC Field V14.00008 Polshyn, Hryhoriy Normal state transport in superconducting twisted bilayer graphene University of California, Santa Barbara
DC Field, Pulsed Field V43.00002 Dean, Cory* Even-denominator fractional quantum Hall states in bilayer graphene Columbia University
High B/T V43.00003 Falson, Joseph* Competing correlated phases in orbitally mixed half-filled Landau levels Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research
High B/t V43.00004 Gervais, Guillaume* Competing charge density waves probed by non-linear transport and noise in the second and third Landau levels McGill University
NMR V51.00001 Zhou, Huan-Xiang* Physical Basis of Protein Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation Department of Physics and Department of Chemistry, University of Illinois at Chicago
Pulsed Field X09.00003 Inoue, Hisashi Suppressing metallicity of topological insulator GdBi thin films by quantum confinement Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Pulsed Field X09.00004 Han, Minyong Growth and Characterization of Antiferromagnetic Rare-earth Bismuth thin films Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Pulsed Field X11.00001 Moll, Philip Super-geometric transverse electron focusing on the hexagonal Fermi surface of PdCoO2 Ecole polytechnique federale de Lausanne
EMR X14.00007 Kim, Philip* Characterization of atomic scale lattice reconstruction in twisted van der Waals interfaces of layered material Harvard University
DC Field Y23.00002 Rebar, Drew High Magnetic Field X-ray Diffraction at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (NHMFL) National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

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