23 February 2018

MagLab research at 2018 APS March Meeting

This year's APS March Meeting will be held in Los Angeles, California, March 5-9, 2018. This meeting is a veritable science smorgasbord, which brings together 10,000 scientists and students from all over the world and includes more than 105 invited sessions and 700 contributed sessions at which 10,300 papers will be presented. With such a robust scientific program, don’t miss these talks by MagLab users featuring data collected in our high-field magnets.

* Invited Speaker

Facility Session# Presenter Title
EMR, LANL A19.00003 Jamie Manson Molecular architecture and universality-class control in S =1 quantum magnets§
UF A19.00006 Daniel Pajerowski NBCT is an S = 1 antiferromagnetic nickel chain near the D/J quantum critical point
LANL A23.00004 John Singleton Mapping out the Fermi surface of CMR manganites
DC, LANL A24.00001 Sara Haravifard* Mapping the Phase Diagram of Frustrated Quantum Magnets Using Magnetic Field, Pressure and Chemical Doping
DC, LANL A24.00002 Zhenzhong Shi High Magnetic Field, High Pressure Studies of Emergent Bound States in Chemically Doped Shastry-Sutherland System
CMS, DC A24.00003 Marcelo Jaime Raman Scattering and Dilatometry of Frustrated Spin Dimer Compound SrCu2(BO3)2 in High Magnetic Fields to 45T
DC A35.00006 Xiaoxiao Zhang Valley and Spin Resolved Photocurrent in Atomically Thin MoS2
LANL A35.00009 Prasenjit Dey Comparing the spin/valley dynamics of resident carriers in gated WSe2 and MoSe2 monolayers
Hi BT A45.00008 Chao Huan Probing the dynamics of 3He adsorbed on MCM-41 with NMR
DC B07.00002 Son Tran Landau Level Energy Gaps in Ultrahigh Quality Black Phosphorus Devices
DC B09.00009 Arneil Reyes Anomalous Behavior of Spin Dynamics in the Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) Dimethylammonium Manganese Formate (DMMnF)
CMS B14.00007 Jian Kang Anisotropic pairing gap in FeSe
DC B30.00011 Yoram Dagan Superconductor to insulator transition in (111) SrTiO3/LaAlO3 interface
DC B40.00012 Petr Stepanov Long-Distance Spin Transport Through a Graphene Quantum Hall Antiferromagnet
LANL B44.00007 Priscila Rosa Thermal expansion measurements of CeRhIn5 at extremes
LANL B44.00011 Toni Helm Anisotropy studies in microstructured Ce-115 heavy fermion superconductors
LANL B44.00012 Kent Shirer Anisotropic high-field magnetoresistance of microstructured CeIrIn5
CMS C07.00003 Jeremy Curtis Pinning Mode Frequency Tuned by Asymmetric Bias in a GaAs Two Dimensional Electron System in the Wigner Solid Regime
DC C10.00006 Chunlei Yue Transport Detection of Surface States in ZrSiSe Thin Flakes
DC, LANL C14.00001 Arkady Shekhter* Scale-Invariant transport near quantum critical point in high-temperature superconductors
DC C14.00009 Amalia Coldea Quantum oscillations reveal the low temperature Fermi surfaces of FeSe1−xSx tuned by chemical and applied pressure across the nematic phase transition
EMR C19.00004 Dorsa Komijani EPR Studies of Lanthanide-Lanthanide Interactions in Triple-Decker Molecular Complexes
CMS, EMR C19.00006 Jonathan Marbey Substitution Effects on Exchange Anisotropy in Heavy Atom Radicals
EMR C19.00007 Joscha Nehrkorn Spectroscopic Investigation of the Metal-Metal Bonded Single-Molecule Magnet Fe6
EMR C22.00003 Priyanka Vaidya High-Frequency Spin Pumping from Insulating Antiferromagnet MnF2
CMS C24.00012 Christianne Beekman Structural and Magnetic Properties of CoV2O4 Thin Films
CMS, DC C30.00012 Terence Bretz-Sullivan Single-band superconductivity in low density SrTiO3
CMS C31.00004 Zackary Rehfuss Unexpected Enhancement of Superconductivity in CeO0.5F0.5BiS2 at 10 Gpa
LANL C37.00002 Scott Crooker Magneto-Optics of Exciton Rydberg States in a Monolayer Semiconductor, and Determination of Exciton Mass
CMS, DC C37.00005 Zhengguang Lu Magnetic Control of Dark-Bright Exciton Splitting in Monolayer MoSe2
CMS, DC C40.00013 Timir Datta Transport Properties in Graphene with Antidot Lattice
EMR C56.00013 Gajadhar Joshi Revealing Spin-Orbit Coupling Effects in π-Conjugated Polymers by Multifrequency Electrically Detected Magnetic Resonance
LANL E09.00012 Viven Zapf Multiferroic behavior at a spin state transition
DC E23.00009 Hengdi Zhao Large, non-saturating magnetoresistivity and magnetic anisotropy in the iridate BaIrO3
CMS E23.00012 Yifei Ni A systematic transport and thermodynamic study of metallic states in single-crystal iridates
CMS E23.00013 Yu Zhang Magnetization reversal and metal-insulator transition in rare earth doped (Sr1-xPrx)2IrO4
DC E35.00008 Shi Che Phase Transitions in Tetralayer Graphene at Charge Neutrality
CMS, EMR, MST E36.00011 Humberto Gutierrez Multi-junction lateral 2D heterostructures of transition metal dichalcogenides via sequential edge epitaxy
CMS E45.00008 Victor Quito Role of screening and charge transfer for a Mott transition in a Hydrogen lattice
DC F07.00006 Jiawei Yang Fractional Quantum Hall effect in Ultra-high Quality Few-layer Black Phosphorus Transistors
DC F10.00001 Kefeng Wang Dirac dispersion and non-trivial Berry's phase in new 3D semimetals
Geochem F10.00010 Yinming Shao Three-Dimensional Massive Dirac Fermions in the Topological Semimetal NbAs2
Pulsed F14.00001 Takasada Shibauchi* Unusual electronic structure and superconducting fluctuations in FeSe1-xSx
CMS F14.00007 Wenjun Hu Frustrated magnetism and quantum transitions of nematic phases in FeSe
UF F19.00007 Pradeep Kumar Temperature Dependence of Nonlinear Susceptibilities in an Infinite range Interaction model
CMS F21.00006 Soham Ghosh Effects of "Stuffing'' on the Atomic and Electronic Structure of the Pyrochlore Yb2Ti2O7
LANL F37.00012 Mateusz Goryca Temperature Dependence of Photoluminescence Lifetimes of WSe2 Monolayers
CMS, LANL F44.00001 Laurel Winter Topological Excitations of Hidden Order in URu2Si2 Under Extreme Electric Fields
CMS F44.00004 Christian Wolowiec The effect of pressure and chemical substitution on the ordered phases in the URu2-xMxSi2 (M = Fe, Os) systems
CMS, DC, LANL F44.00005 Naveen Pouse Angular-dependent magnetoresistance measurements on single crystals of URu2-xFexSi2 in high magnetic fields
CMS, DC F44.00008 Kevin Huang Quantum oscillations and the collapse of hidden order in electron doped URu2Si2
CMS, LANL F44.00009 Shengzhi Zhang Correlation between the hybridization process and emergent ground states in URu2Si2-xPx
EMR G60.00149 Srinivasa Rao Very High Frequency Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Studies on γ-BaCo2(PO4)2
DC G60.00158 Gary Knight Magneto-Raman Spectroscopy on Vanadium-derived Lacunar Spinel GaV4S8
UF G60.00164 Mark Meisel Photoinduced Magneto-Structural Interplay at the Interface of Core@Shell Nanoparticles of RbCoFe@KNiCr PBA
DC G60.00166 Rachael Richardson Magneto-Raman Spectroscopy on multiferroic metal-organic framework [(CH3)2NH2]Co(HCOO)3]
CMS H06.00003 Drew Rebar X-ray Diffraction in the 25 T Florida Split Coil Magnet at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (MagLab)
DC H10.00004 Yu-Che Chiu Origin of the Butterfly Magnetoresistance in a Dirac Nodal-line System
DC H10.00010 Nai-Phuan Ong* The chiral anomaly in the Dirac semimetal Na3Bi and the half-Heusler GdPtBi
CMS H14.00014 Yizhou Xin NMR Study of Over-doped NaFe1-xCuxAs Single Crystals
CMS H19.00010 Pedro Lopes Emergent SU(N) symmetry in disordered SO(N) magnetic chains
EMR H21.00003 Johan van Tol Spin Relaxation of Impurity centers in Oxides and Semiconductors in Fields up to 14 T
CMS H21.00010 Wenhai Song Giant, pressure-induced magnetic switching in the ruthenate Sr4Ru3O10
CMS, DC H21.00011 Hao Zheng Coexistence of Shubnikov–de Haas quantum oscillations and an antiferromagnetic insulating state in Ca3Ru2O7
CMS, DC, LANL H44.00003 Hsu Liu Fermi Surfaces in Kondo Insulators
CMS H44.00007 Sudeshna Sen Overcoming Kondo insulating behavior via disorder, a possible connection of the SmB6 puzzle
CMS H44.00012 Wan Kyu Park Spectroscopic nature of the topological Kondo insulator SmB6
CMS H45.00004 Lily Stanley Nonequilibrium Transport in La1.875Ba0.125CuO4 (LBCO) Near the Onset of the Charge Order (CO) and Structural Transition
CMS K02.00001 Cedric Flamant Finding Stationary States in Density Functional Theory Using Imaginary Time Propagation
CMS, DC K08.00006 Sasa Dordevic Observation of cyclotron anti-resonance in topological insulator Bi2Te3
DC K10.00001 Joseph Checkelsky* Transport and Magnetism in Topological Semimetals
DC K10.00011 Yanglin Zhu The interplay of non-trivial band topology and magnetism in Half-Heusler alloys (Tb/Dy)PtBi
CMS K21.00002 Brenden Magill Coherent Acoustic Phonon Generation in Ferromagnetic GaMnAs Films
CMS, LANL K23.00003 Sarbajaya Kundu High-field Magnetization Response as Evidence for Dominant Ferromagnetic Kitaev Correlations in the Alkali Iridate Na2IrO3
DC K35.00007 Pablo Jarillo-Herrero* Topology, correlations, and superconductivity in 2D
MS&T K36.00010 Tariq Afaneh In situ study of photo-induced chemical modification in transition metal dichalcogenides
CMS, LANL K37.00003 Nihar Pradhan Electrical Transport Properties and Raman studies of few-layered Arsenic Doped Black Phosphorus Field-effect Transistor
CMS L14.00007 Oskar Vafek Symmetry classification and phenomenology of paired states in iron based superconductors
CMS L18.00014 Yongxin Yao QSGW+G method and its application to FeSb2
LANL L19.00006 Fuxiang Li Theory of Higher Order Spin Noise Spectrum and Its Measurement
LANL L19.00007 Andrew Balk Broadband optical spectroscopy of stochastic ferromagnetic fluctuations across a spin-reorientation transition
DC L24.00003 Ryan Rawl Ba8CoNb6O24: a Spin-1/2 Triangular-Lattice Heisenberg Antiferromagnet in the 2D Limit
DC L24.00008 Jong Ok Large field-induced anomalous Hall effect in itinerant frustrated antiferromagnet PdCrO2
DC L30.00013 Damjan Pelc Percolative Superconducting Pre-pairing in Cuprates
CMS, DC L35.00001 Benjamin Hunt* Ising superconductivity and quantum metal in the two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides TaS2 and NbSe2
CMS, DC L35.00003 Daniel Rhodes Gate Tunable Superconductivity in monolayer β-MoTe2
CMS L36.00011 Edbert Jarvis Sie Controlling structural deformations in WTe2 using THz pulses
DC L36.00004 David Cobden* Two-dimensional topological insulator behavior in monolayer WTe2
DC L44.00001 Daniel Campbell Near Ferromagnetism in MnP-Type CoAs
LANL P06.00003 Fedor Balakirev Additive Manufacturing Techniques for High Magnetic Field Research
CMS, DC P07.00002 Shao-Yu Chen Luminescent Emission from 1s, 2s, 3s and 4s Excitons of Monolayer WSe2 in High Magnetic Fields
CMS, DC P10.00009 Kuan-Wen Chen Quantum Oscillations in the Type-II Dirac Semimetals: MAl3 (M = V, Nb and Ta)
CMS P10.00010 Wenkai Zheng Fermi surface of the type-II Dirac semimetallic candidates PdTe2 and PtTe2
CMS P10.00013 Rico Schoenemann Fermi surface of the Weyl type-II metallic candidate WP2
DC P13.00001 Tomoya Asaba* Rotational symmetry breaking in the superconducting state of doped bismuth selenides
CMS DC P24.00005 Hongcheng Lu Single Crystal Growth and Magnetic/Thermal Characterization of Breathing Pyrochlores
CMS, DC P24.00011 Kevin Barry Utilizing Torque Magnetometry to Measure Thin Films of Frustrated Magnets
CMS P45.00002 Sumanta Bandyopadhyay Entangled Pauli Principles: the DNA of Quantum Hall Fluids
DC R04.00001 Louis Taillefer* The quantum critical point of cuprate superconductors
LANL, DC R04.00003 Neil Harrison* Strong Magnetic Fields at the Crossroads of Superconductivity, Quantum Criticality and Fermi Surface Reconstruction in the Cuprates
DC R04.00004 Martin Greven* New insight into the cuprate phase diagram from measurements of HgBa2CuO4+δ
CMS, LANL R05.00002 Philip Moll* Electronic in-plane symmetry breaking at field-tuned quantum criticality in CeRhIn5
DC R06.00008 Alexey Suslov i-Al-Cu-Fe-Co Quasicrystals with High Co Content
CMS, UF R08.00002 Sunil Thapa The Magnetic Field Dependence of the Light hole Transition and Mixing in a GaAs/AlGaAs Quantum Well from Optically Pumped NMR
DC, CMS R10.00010 Yuxuan Jiang Probing the interaction between coupled Weyl points via magneto-infrared spectroscopy
CMS R10.00011 Seongphill Moon Landau level spectroscopy of NbP in Voigt configuration
DC R24.00007 William Steinhardt Investigating the Quantum vs Classical Nature of the Spin Liquid State in Yb(Mg,Zn)GaO4
CMS R40.00012 Matthew Freeman Microwave Spectroscopy of Resistive Film Gated Higfets and Mosfets
UF S01.00009 Clifford Bowers Parahydrogen Induced Polarization of Water and other Neat Liquids by Heterogeneous Catalysis
CMS S02.00010 Grigory Kolesov Zero-point motion of molecules: beyond Born-Oppenheimer
Pulsed, DC S05.00005 Filip Ronning* Emergent magnetic anisotropy in the Ce-115 compounds
DC S14.00007 Jin Hu Quantum oscillation studies on topological nodal-line semimetal ZrHM (H = Si, Ge, Sn; M = S, Se, Te)
DC S24.00007 Qing Huang Effect of Quenched Disorder on a Spin-1/2 Triangular-Lattice Antiferromagnet Ba2.8Sr0.2CoSb2O9
Pulsed S25.00005 Kirstin Alberi* Novel Semiconductors for High Efficiency Photovoltaics
CMS, DC S40.00010 Carlos Garcia Photogating in few-layered ReS2 Phototransistors
CMS, DC S44.00008 You Lai Disordered Ferromagnetic Quantum Critical Point in CePd2P2 with Pd → Ni substitution
CMS S44.00011 Kaya Wei Synthesis and Investigations of the Kondo Lattice Compound CeSbS
LANL S44.00005 Alexander Breindel Quantum Oscillations in PrNi2Cd20 and PrPd2Cd20 Compounds
CMS T60.00064 Anthony Hatke Bloch-Grüneisen nonlinearity of electron transport in GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures
CMS T60.00097 Douglas Wilson NMR studies of CDW and superconducting gap structure in layered 2H-NbSe2
LANL T60.00154 Juniar Lucien Characterization and transport measurements of bulk and surface conduction of La and Eu doped SmB6 using multi-terminal Corbino devices
CMS X45.00005 Shouvik, Sur 'Metallic' phase in a system of spin-orbit coupled bosons
Hi BT Y03.00005 Allen Majewski DFT Calculations of Motional Effects on NQR Parameters in Molecular Crystals
CMS Y18.00013 Zachary Brubaker Intermediate valence behavior in YbNi(Ga,In)4
CMS Y19.00001 Shoushu Gong Haldane phase and magnetic ordering in the spin-1 anisotropic bilinear-biquadratic system on the square lattice
CMS Y23.00003 Xinzhou Tan Direct observation of magnetic states in an actinide ferromagnet UMn2Ge2
DC Y25.00001 Brian Maple* Novel Electronic Phases and Competing Interactions in the Correlated f-Electron Compound URu2Si2
LANL Y30.00001 Suchitra Sebastian Quantum oscillations and superconductivity in the cuprate high Tc's
DC Y30.00007 Nicolas Doiron-Leyraud Pressure Effects Show that the Pseudogap Phase of Cuprates is Confined by Fermi Surface Topology
Hi BT Y44.00003 Jiang Huang Evidence of the melting of Wigner crystals
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