8 March 2017

MagLab research at 2017 March Meeting

The APS March meeting is a veritable science smorgasbord with more than 105 invited sessions and 600 contributed sessions at which 9,600 papers will be presented. With such a robust scientific program, don’t miss these talks by MagLab users featuring data collected in our high-field magnets.

UF Theory ProgramR42.00010Dispersive chiral-spin modes in a 2D Fermi-Liquid with spin-orbit coupling

Facility Session# Title
DC Field Facility A02.00004 Optical and magneto-optical study of topological insulators Bi2Te3 and Sb2Te3
DC Field Facility A17.00001 Even Numbered Methylene-Linked LC Dimers in Magnetic Field
DC Field Facility A17.00008 Magnetically tunable selective reflection of light by heliconical cholesterics
PF Facility A39.00013 Nematic softening in La2-xSrxCuO4 probed by resonant ultrasound spectroscopy measurements
PF Facility A41.00010 Competing electronic orders within a multi-band reconstructed Fermi surface in the layered cuprate superconductor Pr2CuO4
PF Facility A44.00004 Weyl Wiggles: exotic quantum oscillatory phenomena in Weyl and Dirac semi-metals
DC Field Facility A44.00005 Landau level spectroscopy of two-dimensional massive Dirac fermions in single-crystal ZrTe5 thin flakes
PF Facility A50.00003 Adiabatic physics of an exchange-coupled spin-dimer system: magnetocaloric effect, zero-point fluctuations, and two-dimensional universal behavior
DC Field Facility B27.00002 Gate controlled tunneling of quantum Hall edge states in bilayer graphene
High B/T Facility B35.00003 Superconductivity in the high pressure phases of barium
High B/T Facility B35.00007 Pressure-induced superconductivity in the giant Rashba system BiTeI
PF Facility B43.00001 Magnetic field tunability of spin polarized excitations in a high temperature magnet
DC Field Facility B48.00009 Effect of site disorder on the ground state of a frustrated spin dimer quantum magnet
PF Facility B50.00007 Frequency spectra of magnetization noise in Pt/Co/Pt trilayers near the spin reorientation transition
PF Facility C20.00002 Emergent magnetic anisotropy in cubic CeIn3
DC Field Facility C20.00007 Thermodynamic and electrical transport properties of the layered triangular Ce lattice compound CeAuAl4Ge2
PF Facility C20.00010 Unusual phase boundary and altered Fermi surface in CeOs4Sb12 at high magnetic fields
PF Facility C33.00003 Measuring the Influence of Dielectric Environment on 2D Excitons in Monolayer Semiconductors: Insight from High Magnetic Fields
PF Facility C41.00014 Universal Lower Limit on Vortex Creep in Superconductors
DC Field Facility C43.00007 Magnetic ground states and magnetodielectric effect of RCr(BO3)2 (R = Y and Ho)
PF Facility C43.00008 Magnetoelectric Coupling through the Spin Flop Transition in Ni3TeO6
PF Facility C43.00011 Spin lattice coupling in multiferroic [(CH3)2NH 2]Mn(HCOO)3
High B/T Facility C43.00012 Multiferroic properties of the geometrically frustrated molecular spin-trimer compound TNN.CH3CN
PF Facility C43.00013 Developing rich H vs. T diagrams of molecule-based multiferroics
PF Facility C48.00005 Spin/valley dynamics of resident electrons and holes in gated monolayer WSe2
PF Facility C48.00012 Exchange field induced valley splitting in monolayer WSe2 and WS2
PF Facility C50.00005 The role of frustration, low-dimensionality and low crystallographic symmetry on the magnetic order in beta-TeVO4
High B/T Facility E20.00001 Pinning and Melting of a Quantum Wigner Crystal
DC Field Facility E27.00008 Microwave spectroscopy as a probe of the interaction between a Wigner solid and composite fermion liquid
DC Field Facility E33.00013 Substrate-induced modification of band parameters of graphene
DC Field Facility E39.00010 Multi-Method Specific Heat Investigation of the Overdoped High-Tc Superconductor, BaFe2(As1−xPx)2
DC Field Facility E39.00010 Multi-Method Specific Heat Investigation of the Overdoped High-Tc Superconductor, BaFe2(As1-xPx)2
PF Facility E39.00011 High Field Hall Effect and Critical Physics in BaFe2(As1-xPx)2
PF Facility E48.00004 Long-Range Anti-ferromagnetic Order in Sm2Ti2O7
PF Facility F20.00002 Non-Equilibrium Effects on the Hidden Order of Microstructured URu2Si2
PF Facility F20.00003 Metamagnetism in the electron-doped chemical substitution series URu2Si2-xPx.
PF Facility F20.00007 Phase diagram of URu2-xFexSi2 under high magnetic field.
PF Facility F22.00003 Relativistic Fermions Generated by Square Lattices in Layered Compounds (Speaker: Zhiqiang Mao)
DC Field Facility F27.00004 Surface Transport and Quantum Hall Effect in Ambipolar Black Phosphorus Double Quantum Wells
DC Field Facility F27.00005 Landau level gaps in high mobility black phosphorus devices
DC Field Facility F27.00010 Effect of alloy disorder on quantum Hall stripes
DC Field Facility F31.00008 Quantum Hall effect in few-layer black phosphorus devices:~beyond the Hall bar geometry.
DC Field Facility F31.00009 Quantum Hall Effect in Black Phosphorus Two-dimensional System
DC Field Facility F39.00006 High Field Structural Transition of Vortex Lattice Observed in Single Crystals of HgBa2CuO4+δ
PF Facility F39.00006 High Field Structural Transition of Vortex Lattice Observed in Single Crystals of HgBa2CuO4+δ
PF Facility F42.00002 Dependence of the magneto-optical properties on laser excitation in magnetic QDs
DC Field Facility F48.00011 Mapping the Phase Diagram of RMM’O4 Compounds in Pursuit of the Coveted Quantum Spin Liquid state
PF Facility H20.00001 Anisotropic transport and metamagnetism in microstructured CeRhIn5
PF Facility H20.00007 3D Fermi Surface of CeCoIn5 from ARPES and DMFT
PF Facility H20.00012 High temperature heaviness in CeCoIn5
DC Field Facility H23.00004 Orientation of quantum Hall stripes under in-plane magnetic fields (Speaker: Qianhui Shi)
PF Facility H32.00001 Electrons, holes, and excitons in monolayer semiconductors: Magneto-optical studies of polarization dynamics and dielectric screening
PF Facility H37b.00002 The robustness of high-T{\rm c} superconductivity in underdoped YBa2Cu3O6+x investigated in under strong magnetic fields
PF Facility H37b.00003 Quantum criticality in La2-xSrxCuO4 thinspace cuprates probed with high magnetic fields.
PF Facility H37b.00004 Linear Magnetoresistance Near Critical Doping In La2-xSrxCuO4
DC Field Facility H37b.00008 Magnetic-field-induced normal state in a stripe-ordered cuprate La1.7Eu0.2Sr0.1CuO4 in the zero-temperature limit
DC Field Facility H39.00002 New details in the superconducting phase diagram of λ-(BETS)2GaCl4: further evidence of a FFLO phase
UF Theory Program H41.00005 Fully - gapped anisotropic superconductivity robust against point - like disorder in FeSe single crystals
PF Facility H43.00001 Multiferroic Polar Metals.
EMR Facility H43.00002 THz spectroscopy and directional dichroism in the high magnetic field AFM phase of bulk BiFeO3
EMR Facility H50.00006 Relating Symmetry to Magnetic Anisotropy in a Trigonal Mn(III) Complex Using EPR
EMR Facility H50.00007 High Pressure EPR for Probing the Magnetic Anisotropy in Single Molecule Magnets
EMR Facility H50.00010 EPR Study of Radical-Lanthanide Interactions in a Terbium(III) Molecular Spin Qubit
DC Field Facility K23.00002 Novel Surface and Bulk States in Topological Kondo Insulators (Speaker: Suchitra Sebastian)
DC Field Facility K27.00011 Interplay of Hofstadter and quantum Hall states in bilayer graphene
DC Field Facility K32.00006 Phosphorus Devices and Device Physics
PF Facility K37a.00006 Shubnikov-de Haas Oscillations in LaTiO3/SrTiO3 Heterostructures
DC Field Facility K37a.00013 Quantum confinement engineering on a novel two dimensional electron gas based on KTaO3 oxide interface
PF Facility K44.00006 High-field magnetoconductivity study of a candidate Weyl semimetal
PF Facility K44.00007 Quantum oscillations in the type-II Weyl fermion metal PtSe2
DC Field Facility K44.00008 Magnetotransport study of Dirac fermions in YbMnBi2 and CaMnBi2
DC Field Facility K44.00012 K44.00012 : Interplay between magnetism and relativistic fermions in Eu doped (Sr/Ba)MnSb2
PF Facility K44.00012 Interplay between magnetism and relativistic fermions in Eu doped (Sr/Ba)MnSb2
DC Field Facility L03.00008 Field driven insulator-semimetal crossover in ultrathin 3D topological insulator BiSbTeSe2
PF Facility L11.00001 Elastic moduli of δPu239 reveal changes in aging in real time
PF Facility L11.00006 On the nature of the phase transition in uranium dioxide
PF Facility L21.00003 Anisotropic physical properties of single phase, single-crystalline CaKFe4As4
DC Field Facility L27.00008 THz Time-Domain Magneto-spectroscopy of GaAs 2DEG in the 25 T Split-Florida Helix
DC Field Facility L31.00006 Probing the superconducting gap in two-dimensional NbSe2
UF Theory Program L39.00004 Orbital selective pairing and gap structures of iron-based superconductors
DC Field Facility L48.00005 From pyrochlore to the tripod kagome lattice
PF Facility L49.00011 Electron density dependent Zeeman splitting in WS2 single layer
DC Field Facility M1.00352 Femtosecond Polarization Phase Selective (PPS) High Magnetic Field Studies of Electron-Spin-Hole (ESH) Dynamics: New Tools for Ultrafast Imaging Fe-centered ESH Transfer Mechanisms Steps
DC Field Facility P27.00003 Weak localization and Shubnikov-de Haas oscillation in high carrier density AlInN/GaN heterostructures
PF Facility P50.00002 Determining single-ion and spatial-exchange anisotropies in a S=1 quantum antiferromagnet
PF Facility P50.00013 B vs. T phase diagram of (ND4)2[FeCl5 (D2O)] studied by neutron diffraction and magnetization}
High B/T Facility R20.00014 Pulsed NMR experiment on 3He adsorbed on MCM-41
DC Field Facility R22.00004 Measurements of Composite Fermion Geometric Resonance (Speaker: Mansour Shayegan) DC Field Facility R27.00008 Stripe phase in half-filled N=0 Landau level of 2D hole systems
DC Field Facility R27.00008 Stripe phase in half-filled N=0 Landau level of 2D hole systems
EMR Facility R33.00011 Linear polarized photoluminescence properties of few-layer ReS2 and ReSe2
EMR Facility R36.00006 Experimental artifacts influencing polarization sensitive magneto-Raman spectroscopy
PF Facility R41.00006 Electronic structure of high-Tc cuprates revealed by high-magnetic fields
PF Facility R41.00007 Shubnikov-de Haas Oscillations in the Electron-doped Cuprate Superconductors
PF Facility R41.00009 Linear magnetoresistance near critical doping in La2-xSrxCuO4
UF Theory Program R42.00010 Dispersive chiral-spin modes in a 2D Fermi-Liquid with spin-orbit coupling
DC Field Facility S20.00001 Quantum Oscillations in FeAs in the Spin Density Wave State
DC Field Facility S27.00002 High Peak Field THz Pump-THz Probe Spectroscopy in Two Dimensional Electron Gas Systems
PF Facility S27.00005 Light Propagation Through Transition Metal Dichalcogenides
DC Field Facility S31.00005 Symmetry-protected superconductivity in ultrathin layered transition metal dichalcogenides
DC Field Facility S37b.00001 Thermoelectric Measurements and Angle-Resolved Magnetic Torque in Kondo Insulator SmB6
PF Facility S37b.00012 High field exploration beyond the quantum limit in three-dimensional metals
DC Field Facility T1.00047 Quantifying B Site Disorder in Polycrystalline and Single Crystal Yb2Ti2O7 Pyrochlore by Quantitative Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy at Atomic Resolution
DC Field Facility T1.00056 Quantum oscillations in metallic
UF Theory Program T1.00080 Testing the validity of the Fisher-Langer relation in the vicinity of a quantum critical point
DC Field Facility V22.00004 Rotational Symmetry Breaking in a Trigonal superconductor Nb-doped Bi2Se3 (Speaker: Lu Li)
DC Field Facility V33.00004 Electrostatically Defined Structure for Novel Fractional Quantum Hall States in Graphene
PF Facility V38.00002 Evidence for an impurity band in the anomalous low carrier density superconductor Pb{1-x}TlxTe
DC Field Facility V38.00007 Quantum Oscillation in noncentrosymmetric superconductor BiPd
UF Theory Program V41.00003 Doping dependence of competing pairing channels in Ba1-xKxFe2As2
EMR Facility X22.00003 Unidirectional THz radiation propagation in BiFeO3 (Speaker: Toomas Room)
DC Field Facility X30.00010 Geometric manipulation of transport in Graphene monolayer with antidots
DC Field Facility X31.00010 Topological phases in a multi-band 2D electron gas.
DC Field Facility X32.00014 Tuning the Hofstadter butterfly in graphene with interlayer separation
DC Field Facility X41.00008 NMR study of over-doped NaFe1−xCuxAs Single Crystals
UF Theory Program X42.00012 Effective lattice model for collective modes in a Fermi liquid with spin-orbit coupling
PF Facility X44.00004 Phase transition in the quantum limit of the Weyl semimetal TaAs
PF Facility X44.00005 dHvA oscillations in nodal-line semimetals ZrSiM (M=S,Se,Te)
PF Facility X44.00006 Exploring consequences of Dirac nodal lines in ternary semimetal ZrSiS by angle-dependent magneto electrical transport measurements
DC Field Facility X44.00007 A layered Dirac system candidate: Fermi surface and anomalous Berry phase in ZrSiSe
DC Field Facility X44.00012 Transport behavior and quantum oscillation study of type-II Dirac semimetal VAl3
DC Field Facility X44.00013 De Haas-van Alphen quantum oscillations in LuSn2
PF Facility X44.00013 De Haas-van Alphen quantum oscillations in LuSn{2}
EMR Facility X48.00001 Spin dynamics in the triangular-lattice antiferromagnet Cs 2   CuBr 4  
DC Field Facility X48.00004 Magnetic Properties of New Triangular Lattice Magnets A4B’B2O12
PF Facility X48.00012 High-field magnetotransport studies in microstructures of Yb2Pt2Pb
EMR Facility X50.00007 Field dependence of single phonon electron spin lattice relaxation
DC Field Facility Y22.00003 Tunable valley symmetries of quantum Hall states in few-layer graphene (Speaker: Jeanie Lau)
PF Facility Y37a.00009 Magnetochromic Sensing in Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
DC Field Facility Y41.00006 Pressure dependence of the Fermi surface of the nematic superconductor FeSe1−xSx
High B/T Facility Y50.00005 Core and shell size dependences on strain in core-shell Prussian blue analogue (PBA) nanoparticles and the effect on photomagnetism
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