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Diverse Group of Users

MagLab users work across our seven facilities and are at different points in their careers. About 32% of student users and 29% of postdoc users are female.

Graphs of Diverse Group of Users

Global User Community

In 2018, the MagLab worked with more than 2,000 scientists from 321 universities, labs and companies around the globe. Find out who they are and where they're from.

2016 User Institution Map

Online Learning for MagLab Users

This collection of 16 training videos for early-career scientists doing experiments at the MagLab covers everything from noise suppression to visible optics.

User Summer School graphic of school house.

More than 1,800 researchers from around the world do experiments at the lab every year (see our User Institution Map. The lab offers a wide array of resources to these users, including a deeply experienced support staff, customized tools, training, financial support, housing assistance and more.

Travel and Lodging

Travel and Lodging

Magnet Lab facilities are spread across our three sites, near Florida State University in Tallahassee, at the University of Florida in Gainesville and at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. These pages contain information…
Users Committee

Users Committee

  The User Committee advises MagLab leadership on matters of importance to the user community. Representing the lab's broad multidisciplinary user community, the User Committee reviews the lab’s proposal process, capabilities, performance, and key initiatives…

Data Acquisition & Analysis Software

Software is an important research tool.

Dependent Care Travel Grant

Attending meetings and conferences is a vital and necessary career-development step for scientists in all disciplines, but such attendance can be financially and logistically burdensome for early career scientists struggling to balance this time-intensive part of their careers with the demands of family life.

Experiment Support

Information on support services for users, including cryogenics, electronics, instruments, safety, facilities, machine shop and computer support.

Funding Opportunities

Visiting scientists who share the results of their experiments use our facilities for free. In addition, the MagLab offers several funding opportunities to assist with dependent care, travel and other expenses.

Magnet Search

Want to conduct research in the world's strongest magnets? Find the magnet that would best serve your research needs. Search by measurement technique, field strength, bore size and more. 

Measurement Techniques

Dozens of measurement techniques can be performed at the MagLab's seven user facilities, many at multiple facilities.

Request Magnet Time

Want to use one of the National MagLab’s magnets, which are available to scientists around the world free of charge? This is where you start.

Safety Training & Resources

The MagLab has a comprehensive set of safety programs designed to ensure the safest possible conditions for faculty, staff, users and visitors. The MagLab uses pdfIntegrated Safety Management (ISM) as a process to ensure safe, quality work. Training is required for all staff, faculty and users, as well as for long-term visitors.

Shipping Samples

Need to ship samples or special equiptment to the National MagLab for your experiment? Here are the details.

User Community

Researchers from institutions around the world do experiments at the lab every year. Find out more about who they are and where they're from.

User FAQs

Find answers to common questions about applying for magnet time, preparing for experiments and other practical information for MagLab users.