300 Tesla Single-Turn Magnet

300 tesla single-turn magnet cell 300 tesla single-turn magnet cell Kim Schneider

This is the MagLab's highest magnetic field generating magnet, which requires specialized technique development and sample preparation due to the rapidly changing field.

Capable of producing fields in excess of 300 tesla, it is proven to leave the sample probe intact for fields up to 240 tesla.

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  • Maximum Field: 300 Tesla (typical use up to 240 T)
  • Bore Diameter: 5 mm 4 K sample space (10 mm, room temp)
  • Pulse Duration: 5 µs
  • Rise Time: 2.2 µs
  • Maximum Rate of Field Change (dB/dt): 109 T/ µsec
  • Temperature Range: 4 K – 300 K
  • Homogeneity: Homogeneity of 1% can be obtained within 0.5 mm from the center of this magnet.
  • Open for users who would pay for magnet time: Yes


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Last modified on 24 June 2021


300 tesla single-turn magnet in operation.