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  • The World’s Strongest MRI Machine: The 900 MHz NMR Magnet
    Audio slideshow: Scientists use animal models to study human health issues in this powerful machine.
  • More Than Skin Deep: MRI Research at the Mag Lab
    Article: When you have the most powerful MRI machine in the world, there's a lot of exciting research going on. Read about some of the cutting-edge studies we do on neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, tobacco use, muscles and more.
  • What’s NMR? (audio file)
  • Meet the Probes
    Learn what these crucial tools do and how lab experts make some of the most novel probes in magnet science.
  • MRI: A Guided Tour
    Article: Now that MRIs have been around for a few decades, patients and doctors tend to take them for granted. But these awesome diagnostic tools, powered by strong superconducting magnets, save countless lives with their ability to pinpoint tumors and other abnormalities.
Last modified on 3 August 2018