In Situ Battery NMR and STRAFI

In situ NMR of electrochemical cells can be performed at 400 MHz with this specially constructed static probe. The Low-E feature helps to sustain 1H decoupling in the presence of lossy electrolytes. A specially constructed in situ STRAFI probe at 830 MHz can be used for real time monitoring of the electrodes at a micron level

The following spectrometers are available for this technique:

The following probes are available for this technique:

  • NHMFL Stray Field Imaging probe (NHMFL) for battery studies

Recent Publications

Joel A. Tang, Sneha Dugar, Guiming Zhong, Naresh S. Dalal, Jim P. Zheng, Yong Yang, and Riqiang Fu, Non-Destructive Monitoring of Charge/Discharge Cycles on Lithium Ion Batteries using 7Li Stray-Field Imaging, Scientific Reports, 3, 2596 (2013).

Joel A. Tang, Guiming Zhong, Sneha Dugar, Jason A. Kitchen, Yong Yang, and Riqiang Fu, Solid-state STRAFI NMR probe for material imaging of quadrupolar nuclei, J. Magn. Reson. 225, 93-101 (2012). (Note: Featured in the Cover page of the Journal in December issue)


Last modified on 13 October 2014