MAS Dynamic Nuclear Polarization

DNP has been demonstrated to increase the sensitivity of NMR experiments by several orders of magnitude, which can lead to additional information about the systems being studied and drastically reduce experimental acquisition times.

In short, DNP uses microwave radiation to transfer polarization from stable radicals to NMR active nuclei in molecules of interest thereby increasing the number of polarized nuclear spins tremendously and large signal to noise ratios are observed.

A solid state DNP MAS NMR system is being assembled using primarily commercial components at 14.1 T/395 GHz.

The instrument is largely based on the Bruker 600 MHz DNP NMR system and is currently in final development at the Tallahassee location. This system shares a gyrotron, the 395 GHz microwave source, with the in-house custom-designed solution NMR instrument.

The following spectrometers are available for this technique:


Video: DNP at the MagLab

Last modified on 1 May 2019