Fluorine NMR

19F is the most sensitive NMR nucleus besides 1H and its chemical shift is extremely sensitive to local electrostatic and van der Waals environments.

Thus, 19F NMR spectroscopy provides a powerful tool to probe structures and conformational changes in materials and biological systems. Triple and double-resonance 19F probes with high-power 1H decoupling for are available on 600 MHz NMR system.

The following spectrometers are available for this technique:

The following probes are available for this technique:

  • 600 MHz 4.0 mm MAS 1H–19F–X probe (Bruker)
  • 600 MHz Low-E static 1H–19F probe with flat coils (NHMFL #27)

Staff Contact

For more information please contact Riqiang Fu, Tallahassee.

Last modified on 17 September 2014