600 MHz 54 mm NMR System – Cryo Probe

600 MHz 54 mm NMR system – cryo probe. 600 MHz 54 mm NMR system – cryo probe.

This instrument is located at the MagLab's AMRIS Facility at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

This Bruker Avance-II-600 spectrometer is typically equipped with its 5-mm Triple Resonance Indirect Detection (TXI) CryoProbe. Its magnet is topped with a Bruker SampleJet sample changer capable of holding five, air-cooled, 96-tube racks in addition to positions for thirty more samples in spinners at room temperature. Bruker MATCH holders for 100-mm x 1.7-mm, 2.0-mm, and 2.5-mm tubes are available. A 5-mm Broadband Observe (BBO) probe with a Z-axis gradient can be installed, for example when the CryoProbe is removed for service.


  • Specs

  • Techniques & Capabilities

  • Probes

  • MHz: 600
  • Field: 14.1 Tesla, Actively Shielded
  • Bore size: 54 mm
  • Homogeneity: 1 ppb
  • Console: Bruker Avance-II
  • TopSpin 3.2.5 Software, SampleJet Sample Changer
  • Open for users who would pay for magnet time: Yes

  • 5 mm CryoProbe TXI, 1H, 13C, 15N; Z-Gradient
  • 5 mm BBO-Z, 1H, X; Z-Gradient


Staff Contact

For more information please contact James Rocca.

Last modified on 1 July 2021