500 MHz 54 mm NMR System (Gainesville)

500 MHz 54 mm NMR system (500 MHz/54 mm Bruker Avance III) 500 MHz 54 mm NMR system (500 MHz/54 mm Bruker Avance III)

This instrument, 500 MHz/54 mm Bruker Avance III, is located at the MagLab's AMRIS Facility at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

NMR experiments can be acquired using an Avance III spectrometer manufactured by Bruker Bio-Spin operating at a field strength of 11.7 tesla (500 MHz) with a 54mm bore. Spectroscopy data are collected using TopSpin software (version 3.6.2).

  • 5mm SMART® Probe – Automated Tuning for 1H/13C/31P
  • 3.2mm Low-E® Solids Probe
  • 5mm and 10mm BBO – Broadband for X-Nucleus Observe
  • 5mm and 2.5mm TXI for 1H/13C/15N Triple-resonance

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  • Specs

  • Techniques & Capabilities

  • Probes

  • MHz: 500
  • Field: 11.75 tesla, actively shielded
  • Bore size: 54 mm
  • Homogeneity: 1 ppb
  • Console: Bruker Avance-III
  • TopSpin 3.2.5 Software, BCU-II Cooling Unit
  • Open for users who would pay for magnet time: Yes

  • 3.2 mm Solid State MAS Probe; 1H, 13C, X
  • 5 mm SmartProbe, ATM; 1H, 19F, X; Z-Gradient
  • 5mm and 10 mm BBO Probes; 1H, X



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Last modified on 8 September 2021