Haoyu Liu

Graduate Research Assistant



Contact Information

Email hl17e@my.fsu.edu
Phone (850) 644-3810
Address 95 Chieftan Way
Tallahassee , FL 32310-
Building CSL

Publications and Scientific Activities


    1. Enhanced ion conduction by enforcing structural disorder in {Li}-deficient argyrodites Li6-xPS5-xCl1-x Feng, X.; Chien, P.; Wang, Y.; Patel, S.; Wang, P.; Liu, H.; Immediato-Scuotto, M.; Hu, Y. Energy Storage Materials, 30, 67--73 (2020)
    2. Fast Ion Conduction and Its Origin in Li6-xPS5-xBr1+x Wang, P.; Liu, H.; Patel, S.; Feng, X.; Chien, P.; Wang, Y.; Hu, Y. Chemistry of Materials, 32, 9, 3833–3840 (2020)
    3. Frequency-Agile Low-Temperature Solution-Processed Alumina Dielectrics for Inorganic and Organic Electronics Enhanced by Fluoride Doping Zhuang, X.; Patel, S.; Zhang, C.; Wang, B.; Chen, Y.; Liu, H.; Dravid, V.P.; Yu, J.; Hu, Y.; Huang, W.; Facchetti, A.; Marks, T.J. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 142, 28, 12440–12452 (2020)
    4. Microscopic Insights into the Reconstructive Phase Transition of KNaNbOF5 with 19F NMR Spectroscopy Chien, P.; Harada, J.K.; Liu, H.; Patel, S.; Huang, C.; Rondinelli, J.M.; Poeppelmeier, K.R.; Hu, Y. Chemistry of Materials, 32, 13, 5715-5722 (2020)
    5. Recent Advances in Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Techniques for MaterialsResearch Chien, P.; Griffith, K.J.; Liu, H.; Gan, Z.; Hu, Y. Annual Review of Materials Research, 50, 1, 493--520 (2020)