Tammy Nicholson

Certified Radiology Technology Mgr. (3T Imaging Applications)

UF, AMRIS Affiliated Faculty & Staff


Contact Information

Email tammyrnicholson@mbi.ufl.edu
Phone (352) 294-8639
Address 1149 South Newell Dr., P.O. Box 100015
Gainesville , FL 32611-
Building McKnight Brain Institute

Publications and Scientific Activities


    1. Magnetic resonance imaging of the proximal upper extremity musculature in boys with Duchenne muscular dystrophy Willcocks, R.J.; Triplett, W.T.; Forbes, S.C.; Arora, H.; Senesac, C.R.; Lott, D.J.; Nicholson, T.R.; Rooney, W.D.; Walter, G.A. and Vandenborne, K. Journal of Neurology, 264, 1, 64-71 (2017)