Caroline J DeHart

Postdoctoral Associate



Contact Information

Phone (850) 644-2048
Fax (850) 644-1366
Address 1800 E. Paul Dirac Dr.
Tallahassee , FL 32310-3706
Building NHMFL FSU

Publications and Scientific Activities


    1. Identification and Characterization of Human Proteoforms by Top-Down LC-21 Tesla FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry Anderson, L.C.; DeHart, C.J.; Kaiser, N.K.; Fellers, R.T.; Smith, D.F.; Greer, J.B.; LeDuc, R.D.; Blakney, G.T.; Thomas, P.M.; Kelleher, N.L. and Hendrickson, C.L. J. Proteome Res., 16, 2, 1087-1096 (2017)


    1. Human Proteoform Identification by Top-Down LC-MS/MS Utilizing a 21 Tesla FT-ICR Mass Anderson, L.C.; DeHart, C.J.; Kaiser, N.K.; Smith, D.F. and Hendrickson, C.L. 64th Amer. Soc. Mass Spectrometry Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics San Antonio, TX June 5-9 (2016)
    2. Analyses of Intact Proteins by LCFTICR Mass Spectrometry at 21 Tesla Anderson, L.C.; DeHart, C.J.; He, L.; Kaiser, N.K.; Smith, D.F.; Blakney, G.T.; Marshall, A.G. and Hendrickson, C.L. 15th Human Proteome Organization World Congress Taipei, Taiwan September 18-22 (2016)
    3. 21 Tesla Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometer for Top-down Proteomics Hendrickson, C.L.; Anderson, L.C.; DeHart, C. and Kelleher, N. 21st International Mass Spectrometry Conference West Toronto, ON, Canada August 20-26 (2016)
    4. Mapping p53 proteoforms by native and denaturing top-down mass spectrometry DeHart, C.J.; Fornelli, L.; Skinner, O.S.; Anderson, L.C.; Compton, P.D.; Hendrickson, C.L.; Thomas, P.M.; Lahav, G.; Gunawardena, J. and Kelleher, N.L. American Society for Mass Spectrometry Annual Meeting 2016 San Antonio, TX June 5-9th (2016)