9.4 Tesla FT-ICR MS (Actively Shielded)

9.4 tesla FT-ICR MS (actively shielded). 9.4 tesla FT-ICR MS (actively shielded).

This FT-ICR system operates in a 9.4- tesla, 155-mm horizontal bore diameter actively shielded superconducting solenoidal magnet (Magnex Scientific, Oxford, England).

The magnetic field inhomogeneity is less than 8.5 ppm peak to peak within a 60 mm diameter, 60 mm long cylinder, and the magnetic field drift is >50 ppb/h. All system components inside the magnet bore are nonmagnetic, including titanium vacuum flanges and hardware. Ions are transported through three stages of differential pumping, each supplied with a 680 L/s turbomolecular pump (Leybold Vakuum, Cologne, Germany). When the instrument is not in use, the elevated-pressure source region is isolated from the low-pressure ICR cell region by means of a gate valve/bellows arrangement. The entire system can be rolled in and out of the magnet by means of a steel race/ball bearing pillow block system to which the apparatus is mounted. This arrangement allows for easy access to the cell for modification or heating of the system.

Citation: Instrumentation and Method for Ultrahigh Resolution Field Desorption Ionization Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry of Nonpolar Species, Analytical Chemistry, Vol. 77, No. 5, March 1, 2005

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  • Maximum Field: 9.4 tesla
  • Bore Diameter: 155 mm


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