14.5 Tesla FT-ICR MS (103 mm bore diameter)

14.5 tesla FT ICR MS. 14.5 tesla FT ICR MS.

Here, we describe the design and current performance of the lab’s 14.5 tesla hybrid linear quadrupole ion trap Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometer.

Ion masses are routinely determined at 4-fold better mass accuracy and 2-fold higher resolving power than similar 7 tesla systems at the same scan rate. The combination of high magnetic field and strict control of the number of trapped ions results in external calibration broadband mass accuracy typically less than 300 ppb rms, and a resolving power of 200 000 (m/Δm50% atm/z 400) is achieved at greater than 1 mass spectrum per second. Novel ion storage optics and methodology increase the maximum number of ions that can be delivered to the FT-ICR cell, thereby improving dynamic range for tandem mass spectrometry and complex mixture applications.

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T. M. Schaub, et al, High-performance mass spectrometry : Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance at 14.5 Tesla, Analytical Chemistry, 80(11) pp 3985-3990 (2008) Read online 


  • Specs

  • Ionization Techniques

  • Fragmentation Techniques

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  • Field Strength: 14.5 tesla
  • Bore Diameter: 103 mm
  • Mass resolving power: > 200,000 at m/z 400
  • Homogeneity: <3 ppm (60 mm dia. X 60 mm long cylinder)
  • Open for users who would pay for magnet time: Yes

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