Naoto Masuhara

Senior Engineer, Microkelvin Laboratory

UF, High B/T Affiliated Faculty & Staff


Contact Information

Phone (352) 392-8869
Fax (352) 392-0524
Address P.O. Box 118440
Gainesville , FL 32611-8440
Building Microkelvin Laboratory, UF

Publications and Scientific Activities


    1. Nuclear Spin Relaxometry of 3He Atoms Confined in Mesoporous MCM-41 Huan, C.; Adam, J.; Lewkowitz, M.; Masuhara, N.; Candela, D.; Sullivan, N.S. J. Low Temp. Phys., 196, 1-2, 308-313 (2019)


    1. Probing the dynamics of 3He atoms adsorbed on MCM-41 with pulsed NMR Huan, C.; Masuhara, N.; Adams, J.; Lewkowitz, M.; Sullivan, N.S. Journal of Physics, Conf. Series, 969, 1, 012001 (2018)


    1. Pulsed NMR experiment on 3He adsorbed on MCM-41 Huan, C.; Masuhara, N. and Sullivan, N.S. March Meeting American Physical Society New Orleans, Louisiana, United States March 13-17 (2017)


    1. The NHMFL High B/T facility Xia, J.X.; Masuhara, N.; Serafin, A. and Sullivan, N.S. Research in High Magnetic Fields -RHMF Grenoble July 5-8 (2015)


    1. Knudsen-to-Hydrodynamic Crossover in Liquid 3He in a High-Porosity Aerogel Takeuchi, H.; Higashitani, S.; Nagai, K.; Choi, H.C.; Moon, B.H.; Masuhara, N.; Meisel, M.W.; Lee, Y. and Mulders, N. Phys. Rev. Lett., 108, 225307 (2012)


    1. Impact of Disorder on the 5/2 Fractional Quantum Hall State Pan, W.; Masuhara, N.; Sullivan, N.S.; Baldwin, K.W.; West, K.W.; Pfeiffer, L.N. and Tsui, D.C. Phys. Rev. Lett., 106, 206806 (2011)


    1. Ultrasound Attenuation and a P-B-T Phase Diagram of Superfluid 3He in 98% Aerogel Moon, B.H.; Masuhara, N.; Bhupathi, B.; Gonzalez, M.; Meisel, M.W. and Lee, Y. Phys. Rev. B, 81, 13, 134526-1 -- 134526-9 (2010)
    2. Magnetic Field Dependence of the A-like to B-like Transition of Superfluid 3He in Aerogel Moon, B.H.; Masuhara, N.; Bhupathis P.; Gonzalez, M.; Mesiel, M.W. and Lee, Y. J. Low Temp. Phys., 158, 170-175 (2010)


    1. Ultrasound attenuation measurements in the A-like phase of superfluid 3He in areogel Moon, B.H.; Masuhara, N.; Bhupathi, P.; Gonzalez, M.; Meisel, M.W.; Lee, Y. and Mulders, N. J. Phys.: Conf. Series, 150, 032061-032065 (2009)


    1. Zero sound attenuation near the quantum limit in normal liquid He close to the superfluid transition Watson, B.C.; Masuhara, N. and Meisel, M.W. J. Low Temp. Phys., 130, 1-2, 77-101 (2003)