Hai Ping Cheng

Professor of Physics

UF, Physics Affiliated Faculty & Staff


Contact Information

Email cheng@phys.ufl.edu
Phone (352) 392-6256
Fax (352) 392-8722
Address P.O. Box 118440
Gainesville , FL 32611-8440
Building New Physics Building, UF, 2001 Museum Road

Awards, Honors, and Service

  • American Physical Society Fellow (2005)

Publications and Scientific Activities


    1. Long-Range Ferromagnetic Exchange Interactions Mediated by Mn-CeIV-Mn Superexchange Involving Empty 4f Orbitals Das Gupta, S.; Stewart, R.; Chen, D.; Abboud, K.A.; Cheng, H.P.; Hill, S.; Christou, G. Inorganic Chemistry, 59, 13, 8716-8726 (2020)


    1. Center for Molecular Magnetic Quantum Materials Cheng, H.P.; Zhang, X.; Hebard, A.F.; Christou, G.; Sullivan, N.; Henning, R.; Zapf, V.; Stanton, J. Agency: Department of Energy From: 8/1/2018 To: 7/31/2022 Amount: 10,500,000 (2018)


    1. How well can we quantify dust deposition to the ocean? Anderson, R.F.; Cheng, H.; Edwards, R.L.; Fleisher, M.Q.; Hayes, C.T.; Huang, K.-F.; Kadko, D.; Lam, P.J.; Landing, W.M.; Lao, Y.; Lu, Y.; Measures, C.I.; Morton, P.L.; Moran, S.B.; Ohnemus, D.C.; Robinson, L.F. and Shelley, R.U.; Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, 374, 2081, - (2016)


    1. Doping effects of Se vacancies in monolayer FeSe Berlijn, T.; Cheng, H.P.; Hirschfeld, P.J. and Ku, W. Physical Review B, 89, 020501 (2014)


    1. Spin fluctuations and superconductivity in a 3D tight-binding model for BaFe2As2 Graser, S.; Kemper, A.F; Maier, T.A.; Cheng, H.-P.; Hirschfeld, P.J. and Scalapino, D.J. Physical Review B, 81, 214503 (2010)
    2. Sensitivity of the superconducting state and magnetic susceptibility to key aspects of electronic structure in ferropnictides Kemper, A.; Maier, T.; Graser, S.; Cheng, H.-P.; Hirschfeld, P.J and Scalapino, D.J. New Journal of Physics, 12, 073030 (2010)
    3. Modulation of pairing interaction in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+d by an O dopant: a Density Functional Theory study Foyevtsova, K.; Kandpal, H.C.; Jeschke, H.O.; Graser, S.; Cheng, H.-P.; Valenti, R. and Hirschfeld, P.J. Physical Review B, 82, 054514 (2010)


    1. Insensitivity of superconductivity to disorder in the cuprates Kemper, A.; Hirschfeld, P.J.; Cheng, H-P.; Doluweera, G.S.P.; Jarrell, M. and Maier, T.A. Physical Review B, 79, 104502 (2009)
    2. Effects of cobalt doping and three-dimensionality in BaFe2As2 Kemper, A.; Cao, C.; Hirschfeld, P.J. and Cheng, H.-P. Physical Review B, 80, 104511 (2009)


    1. Determining gap nodal structures in Fe-based superconductors: theory of angle dependence of the low temperature specific heat in applied magnetic field Graser, S.; Boyd, G.R.; Cao, C.; Cheng, H.-P.; Hirschfeld, P.J. and Scalapino, D.J. Physical Review B: Rapid Comm/Letters, 77, 180514 (2008)
    2. Proximity of antiferromagnetism and superconductivity in LaO1-FxFeAs: effective Hamiltonian from ab initio studies Cao, C.; Hirschfeld, P.J. and Cheng, H.-P. Physical Review B: Rapid Comm/Letters, 77, 220506 (2008)
    3. Supermodulation in the atomic structure of the superconductor Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+x from ab initio calculations He, Y.; Graser, S.; Hirschfeld, P.J. and Cheng, H.-P. Physical Review B: Rapid Comm/Letters, 77, 220507 (2008)
    4. Strongly Correlated Electrons in the [Ni(hmp)(ROH)x]4 Single Molecule Magnet: A DFT+U Study Cao, C.; Hill, S. and Cheng, H.-P. American Physical Society March Meeting New Orleans, Louisiana, United States March (2008)


    1. Local electronic structure near oxygen dopants in BSCCO-2212: a window on the high-Tc pair mechanism? He, Y.; Nunner, T.S.; Hirschfeld, P.J. and Cheng, H.-P. Physical Review Letters, 96, 197002 (2006)


    1. Ab Initio Calculation of Impurity Effects in Copper Oxide Materials Wang, L.-L ; Hirschfeld, P.J. and Cheng, H.-P. Physical Review B, 72, 224516 (2005)
    2. American Physical Society Fellow Cheng, H.P. (Hai Ping) (2005)