24 August 2015

Answered: Isotropic versus Anisotropic Transport in the Magnetic-Field-Induced Wigner-crystal state in 2D holes

Studies of the magnetotransport of strongly interacting 2D holes in high mobility, gated, GaAs quantum wells have been carried out a very low temperatures to search for possible anisotropy in the field-induced re-entrant insulating phase. The latter phase was observed in the resistivity at a magnetic field that depended on hole density but that was independent of current direction. This shows that the re-entrant insulating phase is not due to a proposed anisotropic stripe order, but is instead caused by Wigner crystallization.

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  • Research Area: Semiconductors
  • Research Initiatives: Materials
  • Facility / Program: High B/T
  • Year: 2015
Last modified on 26 August 2015