Jasleen Kaur Bindra

Graduate Research Assistant

Condensed Matter Science, EMR


Contact Information

Email jbindra@chem.fsu.edu
Phone (850) 644-4922
Address 1800 E. Paul Dirac Dr.
Tallahassee , FL 32310-3706
Building NHMFL FSU

Publications and Scientific Activities


    1. Experimental Validation of Ferromagnetic–Antiferromagnetic Competition in FexZn1–xSe Quantum Dots by Computational Modeling Bindra, J.K.; Gutsev, L.G.; van Tol, J.; Singh, K.; Dalal, N.S.; Strouse, G.F. Chem. Mater., 30, 6, 2093-2101 (2018)
    2. Evidence of Ferrimagnetism in Fe-Doped CdSe Quantum Dots Bindra, J.K.; Kurian, G.; Christaian, J.H.; van Tol, J.; Singh, K.; Dalal, N.S.; Mochena, M.; Stoian, S.A.; Strouse, G.F. Chem. Mater., 30, 23, 8446–8456 (2018)
    3. Frustrated quantum dots, the experimental validation of a computational model Bindra, J.; Gutsev, L.; Stoian, S.; van Tol, J.; Strouse, G. and Dalal, N.S. March meeting of the American Physical Society Los Angeles, California, United States March 4-9 (2018)
    4. Frustrated quantum dots, the experimental validation of a computational model Bindra, J.; Dalal, N.S.; Gutsev, L.; Stoian, S. and van Tol, J. Spring Meeting of the American Chemical Society New Orleans, Louisiana, United States March 18-22 (2018)
    5. Probing onset of magnetism in doped quantum dots Bindra, J. K.; Van Tol, J.; Strouse G. and Dalal, N. S.. SERMACS Augusta, Georgia, United States October (2018)


    1. Magnetic studies reveal near-perfect paramagnetism in the molecular semiconductor vanadyl phthalocyanine (C32H16N8VO) Wang, Z.; Seehra, M.S.; Bindra, J.; van Tol, J. and Dalal, N.S. J. Magn. Magn. Mater., 422, 386-390 (2017)
    2. Mechanism of initiation in the Phillips ethylene polymerization catalyst: ethylene activation by Cr(II) and the structure of the resulting active site Brown, C.; Lita, A.; Tao, Y.; Peek, N.; Crosswhite, M.; Mileham, M.; Krzystek, J.; Achey, R.; Fu, R.; Bindra, J.K.; Polinski, M.; Wang, Y.; van de Burgt, L.J.; Jeffcoat, D.; Profeta, Jr., S.; Stiegman, A.E. and Scott; S.L. ACS Catalysis, 7, 7442-7455 (2017)


    1. Enhancing the Magnetic Anisotropy of Linear Cr(II) Chain Compounds Using Heavy Metal Substitutions Christian, J.H.; Brogden, D.W.; Bindra, J.K.; Kinyon, J.S.; van Tol, J.; Wang, J.; Berry, J.F. and Dalal, N.S. Inorg. Chem., 55, 13, 6376-6383 (2016)