Broadband Backward Wave Oscillator (BWO) Spectrometer

Using sub-THz and THz wave sources (BWOs), this transmission-type EPR/ESR spectrometer can be quasi-continuously frequency-tuned via applied voltage.

Typical experiments either benefit from its tunability, or from the relatively high power at the upper range of frequencies (above 600 GHz).

The sub-THz and THz wave sources used in the BWO-based spectrometer can also be used independently in EPR/ESR-type experiments. So far they have been successfully used in conjunction with the Keck 25-T resistive magnet, the SCMM 20-T superconducting magnet, and the EMR 15/17-T superconducting magnet. Given a proper probe, they can be employed with other magnets as well.

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  • Compatible Techniques

  • Sample Types

  • Frequency: 70 GHz-1.2 THz
  • Field Strength: 25 tesla
  • Bore Diameter: 32 mm
  • Temperature: Depends on the cryostat used.
  • Crystal Rotation: None.
  • Pressure: Ambient
  • Sensitivity: Ca. 1012 spins/Gauss sec
  • Sample Size: 300 µL volume
  • Optical Excitation: None.

Given a proper probe, this instrument can be used with other magnets as well.

  • Frozen solutions
  • Powders & polycrystals
  • Single crystal (fixed orientation only)

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