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The MagLab is funded by the National Science Foundation and the State of Florida.

X-ray diffractometry in DC Fields

An X-ray diffraction instrument is available at the 25 Tesla Florida Split Coil Magnet at the NHMFL and allows studying magnetostructural transformations in the temperature range ~10 K - 300 K.

A sample probe is equipped with a one-axis rotator and is suitable for studying powder and crystalline samples, but the latter should be properly oriented before mounting on the sample holder due to the angular limitations of the probe and the output windows. The scattering vector is perpendicular to the magnetic field axis.


Compatible Magnets

Resistive Magnets

  • Mo rotating anode source with a maximum power of 18 kW
  • Cu rotating anode source with a maximum power of 18 kW
  • Vortex®-EX60 Detector by Hitachi with 60 mm snout, 50 mm2 active area
  • Pilatus 300 K-W XTM hybrid pixel detector by DECTRIS
  • FujiFilm image plate (pixel size 50 μm)

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Images & Sample Data

Credit: National MagLab

Related Publications

Sharma, et al, Magnetostriction of AlFe2B2 in high magnetic fields, Physical Review Materials, 5 (2021) Read online

Wang, et al, A facility for X-ray diffraction in magnetic fields up to 25 T and temperatures between 15 and 295, Review of Scientific Instruments, 86 (2015) Read online

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