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High Current Measurements in DC Fields

High currents measurements in the MagLab are used mainly for characterization/testing of superconducting materials.

Testing of superconducting cables and joints needs extreme high currents and substantial space. Up to 20 kA DC current is available from one of the power supplies normally used for resistive magnets. Testing is possible in cell 16 in wide-bore superconducting magnets. Power supplies with smaller currents from a few A to several kA are also available for critical current characterization in smaller conductor samples and test coils. Cell 7 with a 52/39 mm warm/cold bore 31 tesla magnet is often used for such measurements. If higher field homogeneity is required, Cell 6 with a 52/39 mm warm/cold bore 25 tesla magnet can be used. Critical supercurrent up to 100 mA-1 A in thin films and single crystals can be measured in other systems, including the top-loaded 31 Tesla 3He system & VTI and 35 Tesla 3He system & VTI.


Compatible Magnets

Resistive Magnets

  • Resistive magnet DC power supply
  • Different DC power supplies (e.g. 1 A, 200 A, 1.4 kA, 8 kA)
  • High current probes for cables (up to 20 kA)
  • High current probe (up to 500 A) with rotator, sample length 27 mm
  • High current straight probe (up to 1500 A) , sample length 36 mm

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Images & Sample Data

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