Portable Dilution Refrigerator

A portable dilution refrigerator (PDF) is available for use in the 33 T magnets (Cells 9 and 12), 35 T magnet (Cell 8) and in the 45 T Hybrid Magnet (Cell 15). This dilution refrigerator is top-loading with sample in liquid and has a temperature range of approximately 30 mK – 700 mK. The cooling power at 100 mK is nominally 500 microwatts. The figures show the PDF installed in the 35 T magnet in cell 8.

Two probes are available for the PDF, one with a rotator capable of rotating more than 270 degrees and one with a non-rotating holder. The probe with the non-rotating holder has a 5 mm hole the length of the probe for optical fibers, special coax, or other special leads. Links to photos and drawings of each are given in the table below.

Experiments in dilution refrigerators are subject to limits on the power used to make measurements. It is easy to heat the sample to a temperature much higher than a temperature sensor mounted in the liquid a few millimeters away. All users should download and study this report.


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Last modified on 26 June 2019