Hybrid Magnets

The DC Field Facility contains two hybrid magnets with peak field strengths of 45 T and 36 T. The 45 T hybrid supports the following research: magneto-optics (ultra-violet through far infrared), magnetization, specific heat, transport, high pressure, low to medium resolution NMR in highest fields, EMR, temperatures from 40 mK to 800 K, dependence of optical and transport properties on field orientation, and more. The 36 T Series Connected Hybrid supports NMR research on chemical & biological materials as well as the condensed matter techniques listed above.

45 Tesla, 32 mm Bore Hybrid Magnet (Cell 15)

The lab’s flagship magnet, the 45 tesla hybrid is composed of a 33.5 tesla resistive magnet nested in an 11.5 tesla outsert.

36 Tesla, 40 mm Bore Series Connected Hybrid Magnet (Cell 14)

This magnet can be used for both condensed matter science physics and NMR spectroscopy. It is the strongest magnet in the world for NMR.