Torque Magnetometry in DC Fields

A torque magnetometer is one of the most sensitive magnetic property measurement devices.

It basically measures a magnetic torque (not direct magnetization) in a very short time period – short enough to be used even in a pulsed magnet. Currently two versions of the torque magnetometer are available: the capacitive torque magnetometer and piezo-resistive torque magnetometer.

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  • Compatible Magnets

  • Compatible Sample Environments

  • Available Equipment

  • Home built capacitive dilatometer & Andeen-Hagerling Capacitance Bridge
  • Home built capacitive dilatometer & General Radio Capacitance Bridge in combination with AC power supply and lock-in amplifier
  • Seiko AFM tip piezo-resistive torque magnetometer & lock-in amplifier
  • Quantum Design piezo-resistive torque magnetometer & lock-in amplifier

Related Publications

Y. Feng et al., Linear magnetoresistance in the low-field limit in density-wave materials, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA (PNAS), 116, 23, 11201-11206 (2019) Read online 

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