Low-temperature Condensed Matter NMR in DC Fields

The lab boasts a Condensed Matter NMR Group dedicated to NMR research at the highest possible fields over a wide temperature range.

The current facilities allow experiments to be routinely carried out at fields to 45 T at temperatures from 0.05K to 325 K. In addition, 17.5 T, 15T and 12 T magnets with associated spectrometers are dedicated to this program as a springboards for the resistive magnet use and for the lab’s in-house research, with the goal of developing instruments and techniques that enhance the lab’s user programs.

A very wide range of nuclei have been utilized from the low γ to protons over a frequency range from 2 to 2000 MHz. The core objective is to generate new science, and understanding of a range of condensed matter systems of major fundamental and technological importance using the site-specific NMR technique to study field dependent phenomena at the highest possible fields. Current research areas include highly correlated electron systems, high temperature superconductivity, topological insulators, quantum wells, semiconductors, magnetic systems, magnetic clusters, and low dimensional electron systems. Of particular interest are field-driven phenomena and phase transitions.

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