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Ryan Baumbach

Contact Information

Research Faculty II

Condensed Matter Science, Condensed Matter / Experimental

Ryan  Baumbach


Phone: (850) 644-2836

Address: 1800 E. Paul Dirac Dr., Tallahassee FL 32310-3706

Building: NHMFL FSU

Personal Homepage

Educational Background

University of California, Santa Cruz: B.S. Physics 2002,
University of California, San Diego: M.S. Physics 2004
University of California, San Diego: Ph.D. Physics 2008

Research Interests

Anomalous Correlated Electron Metals
Hidden order and Superconductivity in URu2Si2
Topological Insulators
Synthesis of Ultra High Purity Single Crystal Intermetallics
Search for New Crystalline Materials

Professional Experience

University of California, San Diego: Postdoctoral work (2008-2011)
Los Alamos National Laboratory: Dierctor's Funded Postdoctoral Researcher (2011-2013)
National High Magnetic Field Lab., Florida State University: Research Faculty 1 (2013-present)