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The MagLab is funded by the National Science Foundation and the State of Florida.

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Topic: Outfielders

MagLab Celebrity Sightings

The halls of the MagLab are filled with world-class scientists and sometimes even celebrities! 

Science Never Sleeps

With just a week to use a magnet, researchers work around the clock to eek out as much data as possible.

Like Scientist ... Like Scion?

Many scientists and engineers at the MagLab moonlight as moms and dads. What can they teach the layperson about raising scientists — or better kids?

What's Luck Got to do With Science?

When it comes to science, is there a pot of golden data waiting to be discovered at the end of the rainbow?

When Scientists go on Vacation

Time off from the lab can recharge batteries, inspire new insights and give the brain a break — even when a little science sneaks in.

Meet CellBert: The MagLab's Mega-Vacuum

How do you keep the world's largest magnet lab clean? With a super-sized cyborg, of course! 

Hurricane Season at the MagLab

Located in a region prone to hurricanes, the National MagLab is ready to weather any storm.

Pole Patrol

Keeping track of where on earth our poles are is practically a full-time job.

Last modified on 10 August 2022