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Tag: 25-tesla split magnet

Magnets + Lasers: An Enlightening Research Duo

How do lasers help shine a light on MagLab research? Read and see for yourself! 

Magnetic Field Driven Coherent Coupling of Bright and Dark Excitons

Probing one of the prominent classes of atomically-thin materials, the transition metal dichalcogenides, researchers found that while dark excitons are not optically responsive, they do interact with bright excitons and as a result, affect the lifetime and coherence of the bright excitons. Understanding the interaction between dark and bright excitons is critical to the future use of these materials in quantum information technologies.

Funding to Add X-Rays to MagLab's Research Mix

A new x-ray instrument will become the strongest of its kind thanks to the power of the MagLab’s flagship split helix magnet.

Meet the Split Helix Magnet

This world-unique magnet system with four ports required a complete rethinking of resistive magnet technology’s limits and some new inventions.


A scientist combines high magnetic fields with ultra short laser pulses to probe the mysteries of photosynthesis.

Last modified on 10 August 2022