Meet the 36-tesla Series Connected Hybrid Magnet

Explore one of the MagLab's newest world-record magnets through this interactive feature.

In 2016, the MagLab added its newest world-record instrument to its fleet of magnets: the 36-tesla Series Connected Hybrid Magnet. Part superconducting magnet, part resistive magnet, the instrument broke the record for field homogeneity for a high-field magnet. When fully operational, it will enable new science with a magnetic field that is both very high and very stable, and will operate much more cheaply than comparable magnets.

Designed and built at the National MagLab, the SCH is a significant engineering feat. You can learn more about how it was made in this interactive, mobile-friendly feature.

Begin Exploring!

Throughout this learning experience, you can use your mouse or fingers to zoom in and out and to rotate the magnet. Use the buttons in the lower right to advance to different stages of this interactive experience. You will be able to click on or touch different components of the magnet to find out what they are and how they work.


Animation by Dylan McClure

Last modified on 23 February 2017