Using sub-THz and THz wave sources (BWOs), this transmission-type EPR/ESR spectrometer can be quasi-continuously frequency-tuned via applied voltage.

This 120-336 GHz instrument is coupled to a 12.5 tesla superconducting magnet with a homogeneity of 10-5 over a 10 mm sphere.

A Bruker Elexsys 680 instrument operating at X-band (9 GHz) and W-band (94 GHz) is available for continuous wave and pulsed EPR measurements. Pulsed capabilities include T1/T2 relaxation, DEER, ENDOR, ESEEM and saturation recovery.

A new high power (~1 kW) quasi-optical W-band (94 GHz) spectrometer (HiPER) is now available for continuous wave and pulsed EPR measurements. Its high power enables generation of short pulses with large excitation bandwidths, leading to enhanced sensitivity for pulsed EPR including DEER (~two orders of magnitude improvement over conventional X-band spectrometers).

At 21.1 tesla, this is the strongest MRI scanner in the world for small animals. It is located in the MagLab's Tallahassee headquarters.

This instrument is located at the MagLab's Tallahassee headquarters.

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