The MagLab now provides solid state NMR with chemical shift resolution on the new 1.5 GHz Series Hybrid hosted in the DC Facility. We also offer users a variety of superconducting magnets with fields strengths from 300 to 900 MHz. A range of new experimental capabilities addresses both biological and materials applications.

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For more information please contact Zhehong Gan.

The MagLab offers external users solution NMR spectrometers complete with arrays of liquid probes (including cryoprobes).

The MagLab has state-of-the art facilities to conduct MRI/S, diffusion and in vivo studies at record-high magnetic fields.

In Tallahassee, we have vertical widebore magnets that are capable of performing MR microimaging for both in vivo, in vitro and materials applications. They are equipped with Bruker Avance spectrometers and widebore imaging gradients providing diameters up to 63 mm on the 21.1 T magnet.

In Gainesville, we have a 750 MHz (17.6 tesla) widebore (89-mm) system for microimaging and in vivo imaging and spectroscopy with a 600 MHz (14 tesla) standard bore (52-mm) system for microimaging. Both systems are Bruker Avance consoles. There are two horizontal scanners (4.7 T/33 cm and 11.1 T/40 cm) dedicated for animal imaging, and a 3 tesla human scanner for translational studies.

External users can utilize animal facilities and technicians at both locations.

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Various pressure cells have been developed to address user needs, including large volume piston-cylinder cells with a maximum working pressure of 2.5 GPa and diamond anvil cells (DACs) that reach pressures greater than 20 GPa for optical measurements and 10 GPa for measurements that require introducing electrical leads.

The user can place small samples into an inductor (i.e., coil) of an LC tank circuit oscillating at a resonant frequency.

The lab’s flagship magnet, the 45 tesla hybrid is composed of a 33.5 tesla resistive magnet nested in an 11.5 tesla outsert.

This is a standard 35 tesla solenoid magnet with a 32-mm bore. This magnet can accommodate furnaces, dewars and other custom experiments.

A top-loading dilution refrigerator is permanently installed in this magnet. It has a base temperature of 20 mk and 400 microwatts of cooling power at 100 mK.

This standard 20 MW solenoid magnet produces 31 tesla in a 50-mm bore. This magnet usually has an advanced cryogenic system installed providing temperatures from 300 K to 300 mK.

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