One couple's magnetic moment on the 45 tesla magnet.

When Mother Nature whispers, physicist Albert Migliori listens.

A helium-recovery project means major savings — and more focus on science.

Anyone can have a career in science. Here are some tips to hone science skills for students of every age and stage. 

A magnet maker joins an international experiment that could change the world.

If you have ever wondered what the Magnet Lab has to offer or if you are looking for ways to broaden your physical science lesson plans, then the Magnet Lab Educators Club is for you.

Fear not, right-brained friends: Science and art intersect in plenty of places, and this is one of them. Samuel Taylor Coleridge lends a hand as we explore cryogenics – how to get things fantastically frigid – and the fascinating element that makes it all possible.

If your knowledge of magnets ends with posting a to-do list on the fridge, add this to the list: Learn more about magnets! You can start here with a straightforward rundown of magnet types, uses and strengths, explained in a way that will help make the facts stick.

They don't call it super for nothing. Once you get a superconductor going, it'll keep on ticking like the Energizer Bunny, only a lot longer. The catch is, it needs to be kept colder than Pluto.

These awesome diagnostic tools, powered by strong superconducting magnets, save countless lives with their ability to pinpoint tumors and other abnormalities.

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