Fajun Sun

Graduate Research Assistant

Geochemistry, Scientific Staff


Contact Information

Email fs15b@my.fsu.edu
Phone (850) 644-1116
Fax (850) 644-0827
Address 1800 E. Paul Dirac Dr.
Tallahassee , FL 32310-3706
Building NHMFL FSU

Publications and Scientific Activities


    1. Carbon and oxygen isotopic evidence for diets, environments and niche differentiation of early Pleistocene pandas and associated mammals in South China. Stacklyn, S.; Wang, Y.; Jin, C.; Wang, Y.; Sun, F., Zhang, C.; Jiang, S. and Deng, T. Palaeogeogr. Palaeoclimatol. Palaeoecol., 468, 351–361 (2017)