Cryogenics Projects

The Magnet Lab's Cryogenics group does research and development to advance the field and support technology.

Grid Turbulence Experiment

A systematic study of the decay of quantum turbulence in the wake of a towed mesh grid.

Liquid Helium Drop Levitation Experiment

A planned study of the evolution of the quantized vortex tangle in a levitated liquid helium droplet.

Multi-layer Insulation Thermal Conductivity Experiment

Investigation of the performance of multi-layer insulation for space-based applications.

Particle Tracking Velocimetry Experiment

A study of thermally and mechanically generated turbulence in He II using traditional velocimetry techniques.

Sudden Catastrophic Loss of Vacuum

In this experiment we simulate the sudden loss of vacuum inside a liquid helium cooled superconducting radio frequency (SRF) cavity string.

Thermal Counterflow Experiment

A systematic study of the normal fluid motion and quantized vortex line density in steady-state and decaying thermal counterflow in He II.