Basic Cryogenic Equipment

We have various traditional cryostats, cryocoolers, vacuum pumping stations, and other cryogenic equipment, as well as all of the necessary tools, to design and conduct many experiments with cryogenic fluids.

Our liquid helium research cryostats range in size from 4 in. diameter by 44 in. deep all the way up to 10 in. diameter by 72 in. deep, and will accommodate any experimental apparatus that fits inside. We have several cryocoolers with various cooling power as well access to liquid cryogens and storage dewars. Our vacuum pumping stations range in capability from high vacuum (turbomolecular pumps) to high capacity (over 1700 cfm). Besides this hardware we have numerous temperature sensors, pressure transducers, flow meters, etc. to measure and control the quantities of interest during an experiment. These cryogenic apparatus and measurement devices allow us to design and construct a wide range of experiments on cryogenic fluids and the properties of materials at low temperatures.

Staff Contact

Wei Guo.

Last modified on 28 September 2016