Cryogenics Facilities

Specialized facilities and equipment of the MagLab's Cryogenics Group

Basic Cryogenic Equipment

We have various traditional cryostats, cryocoolers, vacuum pumping stations, and other cryogenic equipment, as well as all of the necessary tools, to design and conduct many experiments with cryogenic fluids.

Cryogenic Helium Experimental Facility

The Cryogenic Helium Experimental Facility (CHEF) is for horizontal single- and two-phase heat transfer and flow studies.

Cryogenic Magnetic Levitation Facility

This is a specially designed superconducting magnet, capable of levitating liquid helium-4 droplets up to 2 cm in diameter, installed in a cryostat with optical access.

Laser Induced Fluorescence Imaging Facility

This facility makes use of a novel technique to generate metastable He2* triplet molecules for visualization studies in helium.

Liquid Helium Flow Visualization Facility

This facility consists of a 5 m long, 20 cm cold (4 K) ID horizontal cryostat with vertical reservoirs at both ends.

Multi-layer Insulation Thermal Conductivity Experiment

The Multi-layer Insulation Thermal Conductivity Experiment (MIKE) facility is a specially designed calorimeter for variable temperature boundaries controlled by two cryocoolers.

Particle Imaging Flow Visualization Facility

The flow visualization facility consists of an optical cryostat and all of the imaging equipment necessary for traditional velocimetry measurements.