Shalinee Chikara

Research Faculty I

Condensed Matter Science, DC Field CMS


Contact Information

Phone (850) 6441256
Fax (850) 6440534
Address 1800 E. Paul Dirac Dr.
Tallahassee , FL 32310-3706
Building NHMFL FSU

Publications and Scientific Activities


    1. Fermi Surface Evolution across the Weyl Nodes in MnBi2-xSbxTe4 Jiang, Q.; Palmstrom, J.; Singleton, J.; Chikara, S.; Graf, D.E.; Malinowski, P.T.; Shi, Y.;Wang, A.; Lin, Z.; Wang, C.; Xu, X.; Xiao, D.; Chu, J. APS March Meeting Chicago, Illinois, United States March 16 (2022)
    2. Shubnikov-de Haas Oscillations into the Quantum Limit in Two-Dimensional Electron Systems at SrTiO3 (111) Interfaces* Wang, Z.; Heltman, A.; Kumari, S.; Hu, L.; Lin, Z.; Jiao, L.; Chikara, S.; Suslov, A.; Singleton, J.; Balakirev, F.F.; Liu, C. APS March Meeting Chicago, Illinois, United States March 16 (2022)


    1. Quantum oscillations in the field-induced ferromagnetic state of MnBi2-xSbxTe4 Jiang, Q.; Wang, C.; Malinowski, P.; Liu, Z.; Shi, Y.; Lin, Z.; Fei, Z.; Song, T.; Graf, D.E.; Chikara, S.; Xu, X.; Yan, J.; Xiao, D.; Chu, J. Physical Review B, 103, 205111 (2021)
    2. Thermal and Magnetic Field Switching in a Two-Step Hysteretic Mn(III) Spin Crossover Compound Coupled to Symmetry Breakings Dobbelaar, E.; Jakobsen, V.B.; Trzop, E.; Lee, M.; Chikara, S.; Ding, X.N.; Müller-Bunz, H.; Esien, K.; Felton, S.; Carpenter, M.A.; Collet, E.; Morgan, G.G.; Zapf, V. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 60, n/a, 2 (2021)
    3. Domain Wall Dynamics in a Ferroelastic Spin Crossover Complex with Giant Magnetoelectric Coupling Jakobsen, V.; Trzop, E.; Dobbelaar, E.; Gavin, L.C.; Chikara, S.; Ding, X.N.; Lee, M.; Esien, K.; Müller-Bunz, H.; Felton, S.; Collet, E.; Carpenter, M.A.; Zapf, V.; Morgan, G.G. Journal of the American Chemical Society, (2021)


    1. Possible quantum paramagnetism in compressed Sr2IrO4 Haskel, D.; Fabbris, G.; Kim, J.H.; Veiga, L.I.; Mardegan, J.L.; Escanhoela, C.A.; Chikara, S.; Struzhkin, V.; Senthil, T.; Kim, B.J.; Cao, G.; Kim, J.W. Physical Review Letters, 124, 067201 (2020)
      Publication relates to previous work or is not supported by the MagLab's NSF core grant in any way.
    2. Giant Magnetoelectric Coupling and Magnetic-Field-InducedPermanent Switching in a Spin Crossover Mn(III) Complex Jakobsen, V.; Chikara, S.; Yu, J.X.; Dobbelaar, E.; Kelly, C.T.; Ding, X.; Weickert, F.; Trzop, E.; Collet, E.; Cheng, H.P.; Morgan, G.G.; Zapf, V. Inorganic Chemistry, 0c02789, 0c02789 (2020)
    3. New material classes to find next generation multiferroics Chikara, S. Motilal Nehru College, University of Delhi, India May (2020)
    4. Spin State Transitions to Realize Magnetoelectric Behavior Chikara, S. 65th Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (MMM 2020) November (2020)


    1. Comprehensive magnetic phase diagrams of the polar metal Ca3(Ru0.95Fe0.05)2O7 Lei, S.; Chikara, S.; Puggioni, D.; Peng, J.; Zhu, M.; Gu, M.; Zhao, W.; Wang, Y.; Yuan, Y.; Akamatsu, H.; Chan, M. H. W.; Ke, X.; Mao, Z.; Rondinelli, J. M.; Jaime, M.; Singleton, J.; Weickert, F.; Zapf, V.; Gopalan, V. Physical Review B, 99, 224411 (2019)
    2. Magnetoelectric behavior via a spin state transition Chikara, S.; Gu, J.; Zhang, X.G.; Cheng, H.P.; Smythe, N.; Singleton, J.; Scott, B.; Krenkel, E.; Eckert, J.; Zapf, V.S . Nature Communications, 10, 4043 (2019)


    1. Anomalous Metamagnetism in the Low Carrier Density Kondo Lattice YbRh3Si7 Rai, B.K.; Chikara, S.; Ding, X.N.; Oswald, I.W.H.; Schoenemann, R.; Loganathan, V.; Hallas, A.M.; Cao, H.B.; Stavinoha, M.; Chen, T.; Man, H.; Carr, S.; Singleton, J.; Zapf, V.; Benavides, K.A.; Chan, J.Y.; Zhang, Q.; Rhodes, D.A.; Chiu, Y.; Balicas, L.; Aczel, A.A.; Huang, Q.; Lynn, J.W.; Gaudet, J.; Sokolov, D.A.; Walker, H.C.; Adroja, D.T.; Dai, P.; Nevidomskyy, A.H.; Huang, C.L.; Morosan, E. Physical Review X, 8, 041047 (2018)


    1. Combining microscopic and macroscopic probes to untangle the single-ion anisotropy and exchange energies in an S = 1 quantum antiferromagnet Brambleby, J.; Manson, J.L.; Goddard, P.A.; Stone, M.B.; Johnson, R.D.; Manuel, P.; Villa, J.A.; Brown, C.M.; Lu, H.; Chikara, S.; Zapf, V.; Lapidus, S.H.; Scatena, R.; Macchi, P.; Chen, Y.S.; Wu, L.C.; Singleton, J. Physical Review B, 95, 134435 (2017)