Lynn Schneemeyer

Visiting Associate in

Condensed Matter Science, Condensed Matter / Experimental


Contact Information

Phone (973) 655-5108
Fax (973) 655-4390
Address Montclair State University
Montclair , NJ 07043-
Building Richardson Hall

Publications and Scientific Activities


    1. Interacting Nanoscale Magnetic Superatom Cluster Arrays in Molybdenum Oxide Bronzes Hagmann, J.A.; Le, S.T.; Schneemeyer, L.F.; Stroscio, J.A.; Besara, T.; Sun, J.; Singh, D.J.; Siegrist, T.; Seiler, D.G. and Richter, C.A. Nanoscale, 9, 7922-7929 (2017)


    1. A Family of Rare Earth Molybdenum Bronzes: Oxides consisting of Periodic Arrays of Interacting Magnetic Units Schneemeyer, L.F.; Siegrist, T.; Besara, T.; Lundberg, M.; Sun, J. and Singh, D.J. J. Solid State Chem., 227, 178-185 (2015)


    1. Large, linear c-axis magnetoresistivity in YBa2Cu3O7-delta Balakirev, F.F.; Ando, Y.; Passner, A.; Betts, J.B.; Schneemeyer, L.F.; Segawa, K. and Boebinger, G.S. Physica C, 341-348, 3, 1877-1878 (2000)