Jade Holleman

Graduate Research Assistant

Condensed Matter Science, Condensed Matter / Experimental


Contact Information

Email jfh14d@my.fsu.edu
Phone (850) 644-5890
Fax (850) 644-5038
Address 1800 E. Paul Dirac Dr.
Tallahassee , FL 32310-3706
Building NHMFL FSU

Publications and Scientific Activities


    1. Photoconductivity of few-layered p-WSe2 phototransistors via multi-terminal measurements Pradhan, N.; Garcia, C.; Holleman, J.; Rhodes, D.; Parker, C.; Talapatra, S.; Terrones, M.; Balicas, L.; McGill, S.A. 2D Materials, 3, 041004 (2016)
    2. Evidence for impact ionization in vanadium dioxide Holleman, J.; Bishop, M.M.; Garcia, C.; Vellore Winfred, J.S.R.; Lee, S.; Lee, H.-N.; Beekman, C.; Manousakis, E. and McGill, S.A. Phys. Rev. B, 94, 15, 155129 (2016)
    3. Enhancement of photocurrent on few-layered p-WSe2 FET by multi-terminal measurement Garcia, C.; Pradhan, N.; Holleman, J.; Rhodes, D.; Balicas, L. and McGill, S. APS March Meeting Baltimore, Maryland, United States March 14–18 (2016)