Drew Rebar

Postdoctoral Associate

Condensed Matter Science, Condensed Matter / Experimental


Contact Information

Email drebar@magnet.fsu.edu
Phone (850) 644-6355
Fax (850) 644-5038
Address 1800 E. Paul Dirac Dr.
Tallahassee , FL 32310-3706
Building NHMFL FSU

Publications and Scientific Activities


    1. X-ray Diffraction in the 25 T Florida Split Coil Magnet at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (NHMFL) Rebar, D.; Wei, K.; Cochran, J.; Smith, J.; Kovalev, A.; Suslov, A. and Siegrist, T. APS March Meeting Los Angeles, California March 5 - 9 (2018)