Condensed Matter Science Highlights

Our Science Highlights represent some of the most exciting, cutting-edge and high-impact research occurring at the lab. The most recent Science Highlight on condensed matter research is below. Also, use the search box below to search all MagLab Science Highlights by research area, including numerous condensed matter science topics such as graphene, molecular conductors and topological matter.

Latest Condensed Matter Science Highlight

Dirac fermions detected via quantum oscillations

National MagLab - July 2018 CMS science highlight Iron-based superconductors have been the subject of intense study since their discovery in 2008. They possess high transition temperatures (56 K) and a structure that is significantly different from the cuprate superconductors. In addition to studying the superconducting members of this family scientists also peer into the workings of their non-superconducting parent compounds to gain an understanding of why superconductivity emerges in these materials. The work by Terashima et. al. provides important insight into one of these parent materials. Read more.

Last modified on 12 July 2018