Hidden Order in URu2Si2

URu2Si2 is an outstanding condensed matter system, and has been a central topic in the field of strongly correlated electrons for the past three decades.

Discovered around the same time as the cuprate superconductors, both of these systems have been on the leading edge of advances in crystal growth and novel measurement techniques and have attracted attention from overlapping groups in the theory community. The physics of URu2Si2 covers a broad range of phenomena including, heavy fermion physics, spin and valence fluctuation behavior, collective non-integer valence states, a transition into an unknown broken symmetry state - so called "hidden order," anomalous non-Fermi liquid metallic behavior, unconventional superconductivity, and possibly multiple distinct superconducting phases. However, in spite of three decades of intense research, the ordered states in this compound (particularly hidden order) have yet to be well understood. We are particularly interested in tuning the ordered ground states (e.g., using applied pressure and chemical substitution) in order to disentangle the multitude of energy scales that may be responsible for the behavior in this compound. These efforts are relevant to developing new materials with unexpected ordered states and for advancing our knowledge of unconventional superconductivity.



Last modified on 28 April 2015